Cap knitting needles with a diagonal braid for the baby free pattern

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Materials: Partner Baby yarn (50% polyamide, 25% wool. 25% acrylic, 50 g. / 192 m. ) - 1 (2, 2, 2) of the coil, needles No. 4.5, additional needle, elastic thread. 
Density of knitting: 19 loops * 36 rows = 10 * 10 cm. With a thread in two additions, garter sticking knitting needles No. 4.5; The width of the braid of 8 loops = 25.5 cm. 
Cap knitting with a knitting needle for a child, complete: with a hook, dial a chain of 6 air loops with a thread of a different color. To raise the working thread in two additions 6 loops along the chain. 
1st row (face. Side): (1 out., 1 face.) In the next. loop, 4 persons., (1 persons., 1 izn.) in the next. the loop. 
2nd row (external side): 1 person., 6 external, 1 person.
3rd row: (1 person., 1 out.) In the next. loop, 6 persons. (1 izn., 1 persons.) in the next. the loop. 4th row: 2 persons., 6 ex., 2 persons. 
Next, knit according to the scheme, starting with the 5th row: 
5th row: 1 person., Add a loop from the broach to the right, 1 w., Remove 3 loops for extra. Knitting needles before work, knit 3 persons. with left knitting needles, knit 3 faces. with additional knitting needles; 1 out, add a loop from the broach to the left, 1 person. = 12 loops. 
6th row: 3 persons., 6 out., 3 persons. 
7th row: 2 persons., Add a loop from the right, 1 out, 6 persons., 1 out., Add a loop from the left, 2 persons. = 14 loops. 
8th row: 4 people., 6 out., 4 people.
9th row: 3 persons., Add a loop from the right, 1 out, remove 3 loops for extra. Knitting needles before work, knit 3 persons. with left knitting needles, knit 3 faces. with additional knitting needles; 1 out, add a loop from the left, 3 faces. = 16 loops. 
10th row: 5 people., 8 out., 5 people. 

Continue to perform crossings in each 4th row and add loops on each side of the pigtail 20 (22, 24, 26) times = 48 (52, 56, 60) loops.
Put a marker. Continue knitting straight with a garter pattern and a pigtail pattern without additions - 7 (8, 9, 10) cm from the marker. Next knit diminishing on each side of the 8 central loops on one loop in each front row, next. way: Knit garter stitch to the last 2 loops in front of the purl loop, 2 persons together. left, 1 out., 6 loops of pigtails, 1 out., 2 persons together. to the right, finish with a shawl pattern. Continue to decrease the loops on each side of the pigtail 20 (22, 24, 26) times = 8 loops. 
Close on each side one loop = 6 loops. Knit shawl pattern 30 cm. Close the loop. 
Dissolve the chain from the dial edge, raise the loop on the spokes. 
Knit shawl pattern 30 cm. Close the loop. Thread the caps at the bottom of the elastic thread. 

Description with additions from Nata_Bykova

We collect 8 loops on a loose thread (I’ve hooked), if we use knitting needles, we knit a couple of rows. 

We turn to the main thread, we knit one row with facial, second purl. 
The third row is knitted according to the description - we knit 2 loops from the first and the last one, the rest are facial. Total 10 loops on the needle. 
4th row - edge trim, front, 6 purl, front and edge. I always knit the edge at the end of the row of the front, at the beginning of the row I took off, leaving the worker thread at work. So get the knots, which are well combined with the garter stitch. 
5th row - edging, we knit 1 front of the broach, 1 purl, 6 front, 1 purl, 1 front of the broach, edging. 
6th row - edge, 2 face, 6 purl, 2 face, edge.
7th row - edge, front, add 1 loop (I, starting from this row, added a loop from the bottom, but you can also from a broach. From the broach, it is better to knit the crossed one so that there are no holes.), Purl, 3 loops remove the additional needle Before work, we knit 3 facial ones, return the ones we shot, knit them with facial ones, 1 purl, 1 facial, edging. Later I made overlap in every 6th row. Generally on these central 6 loops you can knit any pattern. The main thing to remember that this place falls on the ears of the baby. 
The 8th row and the rest of the even (purl) rows: the average 8 loops in the pattern, the rest - the garter stitch. 
9th front - edge, 2 front, add loop, 1 back, 6 front, 1 back, add, 1 front. The next loop is wrapped and unfold knitting. This row is shortened.
We finish the 10th row to the end. 
11th row - to the wrong side of the knit face, we make an increase before the wrong, 6 face, 1 wrong, increase, face up to the end of the row. Tie a looped loop with the entanglement. For those who do not knit shortened rows, look for workshops on them. There are several options, choose the one that suits you best. 
13th row - shortened. We wind the third loop from the end (I consider the edge). 
14th row (purl) - short. Also we do not link 3 loops. 
15th row - knit to the end. Do not forget to add loops before and after the 8 central loops. 
16th row - knit to the end. 

We knit with shortened rows every 4th row (every 2nd facial) and every 8th (4th back). Starting from the 17th row I shortened the shortened rows on the 4p loops.
We continue to increase, as in the original description. Next, knit without increments. The shortened rows continue in the same rhythm. Then we start to make reductions. Do not forget about the central pattern and shortened rows. 
When the loops remain a little shortened rows do symmetrically to the beginning (at least approximately). Cut to 8 loops. (edge, 6 front, edge) 

In the next front row, we cut another 2 loops: edge, 2 front, 2 front, 2 front loops, 2 together, broach, edge. Closing the circle. Through a row, cut another 2 loops and then knit the hollow cord on 4 loops. I have a length of strings about 22cm. 

Cut off the junk thread on the other side and raise the loop. In the next row, we reduce to 6 loops and close them into a circle. Cut to 4 loops and knit a hollow cord to the same length.

I can see that my cord is a bit thick. If you knit in several threads, it may be worthwhile to reduce the thickness of the yarn for the lace. Or knit it on 3 loops. 

Girls, I do not say anything about the size consciously. The fact is that she herself was knitting by eye to a baby who has not yet appeared. Focus on your knitting density and your size or standard size tables. 

If you look at this photo, then on the left - the back of the head. On this side, the shortened rows run once every 4 rows. On the right is a robot. Here are shortened rows once in 8m rows. 

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