Jacket with Garter Stitching

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A simple in performance jacket from Bernat is a bright addition to your wardrobe. Lightweight in performance jacket garter stitch is made with knitting needles a single cloth from the sleeve to the sleeve.

Size:  XS-S / M / L / XL / 2XL-3XL / 4XL-5XL


500/500/600/600/700/800 g BERNAT Maker Fashion yarn coral color (115 m / 100 g);

circular knitting needles No. 8 with a length of 90 cm;

2 buttons with a diameter of 25 mm;

loop holders.


Grooming:  persons. and out. R. - persons. P.


Garter stitch:  13 p. And 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Attention!  Jacket knit across one sheet, starting with the left sleeve and ending with the right.


On the needles, dial 46/46/48/48/50/52 n. And knit with garter stitch straight, starting with a. row 18/18 / 16.5 / 16.5 / 15/14 cm, finish the thread. beside.

To form a left  shelf and backrest,  type in the next. two rows of 32/36/38/40/42/46 n., we obtain on the spokes 110/18/124/128/134/144 p. Continue the work of garter stitching and knit 14 / 16,5 / 18,5 / 21 / 24/28 cm from the last set of loops, end the new. beside.

For forming the neckline:  1st r. (persons side):  knit 52/56/59/61/64/69 persons. etc. and move the hinges to the loopback (backrest loops), close 16 sts for the neck, knit people. to the end of the series.

Continue the work of garter stitching on 42/46/49/51/54/59 n. (Loop left shelf) and knit up to 9/9 / 9.5 / 9.5 / 10/10 cm to finish the faces. beside. Loops close. Attach the yarn to the hinges of the backrest, laid on the loop holder 52/56/59/61/64/69. Knit garter stitching 18/18/19/19 / 20.5 / 20.5 cm finish the faces. next, move the hinges to the looper.

Right shelf

On the needles, dial 42/46/49/51/54/59 etc. and knit with garter stitching the right shelf 9/9 / 9.5 / 9.5 / 10/10 cm to finish the faces. beside. Attach the backrest loops and the footprint. R. (knitted side) knit: 42/46/49/51/54/59 of the faces. etc., to collect 16 items, 52/56/59/61/64/69 persons. back from the loopback, on the spokes 110/118/124/128/134/144 n. Continue the work of garter stitching and knit in front and backrest 14 / 16,5 / 18,5 / 21/24/28 cm, finish the faces. beside.

 For the right sleeve,  close the 32/36/38/40/42/46 st. In the next two rivers, get 46/46/48/48/50/52 p. Continue the work with garter stitching and knit the right sleeve 18/18/16 , 5 / 16.5 / 15/14 cm, finish the faces. beside. Hinges close

Chl I stick the sleeve (2 pcs)

To sew on knitting needles of 16 st and knit with knitting 4 r. In the next. R.  make a hole for the button ( see Azi ): 3 persons. n., 2 n. together persons. ( see the Azi ), nakid, persons. to the end of the river. Knit another 4 r. garter stitch, hinge close.


Dampen the parts a little, allow them to dry. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves. To turn up sleeves for a cuff, to sew knuckles and buttons 

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