Such a Cat with Fish

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Such a cat with a fish on a plate, without any doubt, will be a pleasant gift for your child.For its manufacture we will need (the length of the toy-about 50 cm): Yarn dark brown color (70% wool, 30% Acrylic; 130m/100g)-about 200 grams; Orange yarn – 50 grams; Brown yarn – 30 grams; Black yarn remnants; Two small buttons for eyes, 2 buttons more for paws and one small orange colour; Polyester and wool for stuffing; 

Set of spokes № 5; Hook № 5.
Observe the density of knitting: 10p. х16r. = 10х10 sm.
Torso: We dial on the spokes 34 loops and knit front smooth 38 cm. Next, close the middle 10 loops and finish both hind legs separately, tying the facial smoothness of another 12 cm. Similarly, we perform the backrest.

For a front paw we collect 15 loops, we distribute them on three spokes-on 5 loops and projazalem a face smooth 18 sm. Then we carry out capes, as at knitting of socks. By analogy we carry out the second foot. In the same way knitting a tail, length about 12 sm. Then we carry out eyes with brown thread. For this crochet knitting a chain consisting of 8-e air loops, tie it in a circle of art. b/N, adding on each side on the sides of 1 loop. In this way we have four rows. Similarly, we perform the second Glick. Sew eyes, a black thread embroider the spout and mustache, sew the tail, paws, sew two halves of the trunk and stuffing it with a synth.

Further from an orange yarn it is necessary to execute a plate with a diameter of 24 sm (art. b/N.), then we tie it with "a raby step". Then we perform a brown thread of fish: knit chain of 15 air loops, knitting art. b/N., by diminishing in each second row on one loop from each side, until there will be 4 loops. Then we start adding in each second row of 1 loop on each side. After 5 cm, we touch exactly 2 cm. Then again we reduce in each second row on 1 loop on each side, until the loops are finished. Left to tie a fish near the art. b/N, sew the button and attach it to the plate.
The toy is ready, it certainly will not leave indifferent your baby.


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