American Eraser Crochet Pattern Description

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American Eraser 

The knitting pattern of the American elastic band has a beautiful embossed pattern, the binding turns out elastic like an elastic band, therefore it is excellent for knitting cuffs of sleeves, socks and caps and snoods, it looks volumetric. 

The technique of knitting an American elastic band is quite simple, you can easily learn how to knit this pattern. A 

repeat pattern consists of 2 rows. We collect the number of loops multiple of 5 + 2 edge loops 

1 row- (from the outside) chrome. * 3 life., 2 persons. * Chrome. 

2 row- (front side) chrome., * 2 int., Then we enter the needle between the 2nd and 3rd loop, grab the working thread and draw out the loop, make a nakid and knit 3 loops together behind the back wall * chrome. 

Further the pattern repeats from the first row. 


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