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Everything is very simple. 
Without calculations. 

Dial the height of the mug on the spokes of the loop in the usual way. 

If you attach to the mug, you should stay free a couple, see, because the canvas will then become wider. And it should not be more mugs. 

knit in garter stitch. 

by linking several rows again to attach the canvas to the selected circle and already accurately verify web width. 

Then knit in the length of the circumference of circles, minus a couple of cm. - place for pens. 

Divide the fabric loops into 3 parts. 
Close the side parts , and on the middle knit strap length Noah 3 cm 

On the strap, about in the middle make a hole for the buttons (nakid, 2 together). 

Sew a button.

Heart knit not thick yarn, so that it fits on the cover. 

STEP 1. 
- Dial 5 p., Tie the 1st row. 
- In the 2nd p. Double the first section, tying the loop over the front and back walls, then knit to the end of the row = 6 points in the row. 
- 3rd row knit straight. 
- 4th row knit to the last loop, double the last loop, as described above = 7 p. In a row. 
- 5th row knit straight. 
- In the 6th row, double the first loop, then knit to the end of the row = 8 sts in a row. 
- Rows 7–10 knit straight. 
Then cut the thread and move the knitting to the end of the knitting needle. 

In the same way, tie another piece, but do not cut the thread at the end. 

On one spoke you should have two identical parts = 8 points of each part on the spoke. 
Connect them, knitting loops in the next row, first the first and then the second part (= 16 p.), In the same way, knit 4 more rows. 

In the next row, start decreasing: knit the first and last stitch of the row together with the front one = 12 points in the row. 

Next row knit straight. 

Repeat knitting of one row with cuts and one row at a time until the needle leaves 2 p. 

Loops to close. 

The heart can be sewn completely or in the form of a pocket. 
And in the pocket to put a note with the wishes. 


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