Tunisian Knit Stitch Video Tutorial

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Many people ask, how does Tunisian knitting differ from normal knitting? 👌 First of all, a tool. Two types of hooks are mainly used. The first option is a very long hook, its length ranges from 35 to 40 cm. At the end usually make a special stopper, so that the loops do not slide during work. The second option is the same hook, only a little shorter, 15 to 20 cm. It has a cable, and it allows you to knit things in a circular. I' The next difference is one-way knitting, that is, all the loops are tied only on one side, and the product is not necessary to turn back and forth. Start - and this rule is always the case - is always a chain of air loops. It is the basis, the edge of the product and the pattern is never taken into account. Then the work begins to complete the chosen pattern. It should be remembered that two rows are accepted as one. The first stage of the work is called "recruitment." Performing it, you need to collect loops from the base - that air chain, which was tied first. And we do it from right to left, without missing loops across the entire width of the future product. The second phase of the work is called "fixing." It's tying the same loops, but in the opposite direction. We remember that you don't need to turn the work over. Finish the product is very simple: tie a row of columns without a cape. As an option, you can tie and semi-pillars.


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