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Knit a stylish dress with needles.

Description of knitting dress knitting.

Patterns of this model in the pictures. 
You will need: about 700 g of yarn under the needles No. 2.5-3.

For the bottom of the dress it is best to make a pattern so that in the process of knitting it can be clearly seen how often and how many loops it is necessary to add on both sides in order to get a semicircular hem. 
First you need to dial about 1/3 of the number of loops and evenly increase 2/3 more. Thus, get the required number of loops for the front and back of the product. 
Then, in the process of knitting, perform a decrease in the loops to form a trapezoid-shaped dress. They run evenly on the purl loops, 1 loop every 10 cm. Perhaps you will do it differently, depending on your height.
Then there is a round neck and a high collar, which is made with a 4-person elastic band. loops to 4 int. on very thin needles. It is better to take the needles 2 mm. Tight cuffs are also better to tie on thin needles. They are performed by double knitting, the height is about 1 cm. Such cuffs are the final touches to the dress. It is better to start the sleeve by typing half the required loops, then add the same amount, so you get a wide flashlight sleeve. You can dial and more loops. 
At the end of the work, tie the hem of the garter dress, also on fine knitting needles, about 3 mm.

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