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Good all the time of day, CM! Today I decided to show the summer top already, before that I showed the “Pool with epaulets” 
For the top, I used ALIZE BELLA yarn (100% cotton, 50 g - 180 m.), I like the yarn very much, this is not the first product from it, I knit it before, we still wear it! 
Spokes number 2, consumption at 54 size less than 300 grams, a third of the sixth hank remained.
Top knit raglan top, no seams! 
From color-bastard !!!  

The neck was tied with chain stitch, then the SCN, then the CCH series, then the CCH series, 1VP, and the last CCH series.
Regulated line - nakid, 2 persons. crossed (first knit the second loop of the front, then the first), nakid.

The sleeves were knitted with a 1-by-1 crossed elastic; all the loops are knitted not as they lie, but behind the other wall (both from the front and from the wrong side!), We get crossed loops.
 Summer top raglan top (spokes).
On the bottom of the stamp, I laid a chain stitch with hook number 2, and tied it together with one row of the sc, I did not overload the strapping, and so good!

Attention!!! Many have a question, on the diagram in 1, 5, 9, etc., the rows have a symbol in the front track that is not clear. I will try to explain, according to the scheme, this is a 2,3,4 loop in a row from the beginning of the series. So the 4th loop is thrown over the 3rd and 2nd, dropping it from the spoke through these two loops. On the needles, instead of three loops, there are only two! Now we knit it like this: persons, nakid, persons. So we got three loops again ..
Sprout knit immediately, partial knitting. We knit 49 loops (this is my back), turn over knitting, knit these 49 loops and add 6 loops to them, turn over, knit these loops and add the following 
5, then another 5, then another 5, and so on. These are my calculations of the photo from the draft:

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