Tiny seals amigurumi

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Small seal associated two thread sewing crochet and 0.6 mm. 
The height of the baby is 2.5 cm. 
Large of iris hook 1 mm. 
Growth in this case turns out to be 4.5 cm. 

Kitten knitting scheme: 
Cbn is a single crochet. 
Y - increase 
P - increase 
Ссн - double 
crochet Сс -polustolbik. 
BN - air paw loop 

4 pcs. 
Getting white and thread. 
1. 6 sbn in Amigurumi Ring 
2. 6 sbn. 
We change color and knit 4 more rows of 6 sbn in each. 
We leave the thread for sewing. 

Ears 2 pcs. 
Consist of two parts. 
Internal part (white): 
6 sbn in a ring. 
External part: 
6 sbn in a ring.
Tighten and provyazyvaem 1 in the ascent. Expand knitting. 
2 sbn, 1 ssn, 2 vp, ss to the base of the chain of air loops, 1 ssn, 2 sbn. 
It turns out a sharp triangle. 
The inner part of the ears sew to the outer part. 
We leave the tail for sewing on the head. 

The first 2 rows of white thread, then change the color to the main one. 
6 sbn in the ring. 
4 rows of 6 sbn; 
5.6 rows: 2P, 2U; 
7,8,9 rows 6 Arb. 
The tail is not straight as a stick, but slightly curved. 
Pull off Leave thread for sewing. 

Dial a chain of 4 VP. Do not close the ring. We begin to knit in the second loop from the hook: 
1. 1P, 1 sbn, 4 sbn in 1 loop, 1 sbn, 1P = 10;
2. 1P, 3 sbn, 2p, 3 sbn, 1p = 14 
3. 14 sbn. 

Blur on the eye. 
6 sbn in the ring. 
Knit 1vp rise. Expand and knit 6 sbn. 

Sew on ears, legs, tail, face, speck. 
Embroider nose, stripes, claws. 
Eyes sew / embroider / draw / paste - at your discretion. 

Kiss on the nose and listen to the satisfied purr 
All! Kitty ready

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