Amigurumi Little Cow Free Pattern

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For the manufacture of knitted spotted cow Amigurumi will be necessary the following consumables: Yarn white, black, beige and pink, a hook on the thickness of yarn, two beads for eyes, polyester. It is desirable that the yarn would be the same thickness and texture, it will prevent distortion of the product.

Let's start knitting the cow from the head. For this, the pink yarn is typed 4 W. P and lock them in a circle. The first row of the head continue to knit with pink yarn, and then move on white and black. Pay attention that on schemes painted in dark color of art. b/n tally black yarn, and not painted-white. The diagram below shows the patterns of knitting the cow's head and paws.

The following diagram shows the patterns of knitting of the torso, ear and horn. For clarity on the right side of the torso is a table, which indicates in which row how much art. b/n should be linked. One ear can be tied with white yarn and the other is black. The horns should be knit with beige yarn. In the course of completing the knitting head and torso, do not forget to fill them padding.

When all parts of the spotted cow are connected, we begin to staple them. To the Torso Sew paws, a head. To the head ears and horns. Sew eyes, black yarn embroider mouth.


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