Knitted Christmas decoration on the door Santa Claus

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To tie such Santa Claus with a crochet hook, we need: 
- white yarn (I used Schachenmayr Idena Plus, 100% acrylic, 50 g. = 133 m.) - approx. 30 gr. 
The analogue of this yarn in the Russian market is acrylic yarn Comfort YarnArt - 100 gr .; 
- a little pink, red and black yarn; 
- pompon of white yarn; 
- cardboard (or thin plastic) for the base; 
- hook number 3.5. 

Description of knitting:  

1. The principle of knitting this Santa Claus is very simple - first we knit several circular rows (face, as well as hair and part of the beard), and then go on to knit with front and back rows and finish separately the hat and beard of Santa Claus: 

1 row: dial 3 c. y. pink yarn, lock them in a ring and knit 12 tbsp. s / n [= 12]. Next, knit in a circle. 
2 row: (increase from art. S / n) * 12 times [= 24] 
3 row: (increase from art. S / n, 1 art. S / n) * 12 times [= 36] 
4 row: (increase from stations with / n, 2 articles with / n) * 12 times [= 48] 
5 row: (increase from articles with / n, 3 articles / s) * 12 times [= 60]. The result was a circle with a diameter of approx. 14 cm. 
6 row: we switch to knitting with white yarn and knit (Shishechka, 1 st. S / n) * for 12 times to knit the hair of Grandfather; in the remaining loops we knit it with elongated loops (for the beard). 
Row 7: on the loops where the Sishechki were knitted, knit (4 items bn, increase) * 5 times, then knit the beards on loops with elongated loops repeating the increase through 4 loops, the gain is knitted as 2 elongated loops in one loop
8 row: (Shishechka, 1 st. With / n) * 14 times, in the remaining loops we knit elongated loops  

Next, we move from circular knitting to knitting with facial and back rows. 

2. First, we end up separately knitting the hat of Grandfather Mooroz, for this we proceed to knitting with a red thread and knit the area from Shishechek from the beginning to the end as follows: 
1 row (persons) (5 items bn, increase) * 5 times, then to form to hang a chain from 10 c. Clause and Art. b / n 
2 row (ex): Art. b / n until the end of the row 
3 row (persons): (6 items b / n, increase) * 4 times, then st b / n until the end of the row 
Next knit art. s / n or art. b / n (optional) without connecting 4-5 columns on the left side of the cap, to form a rounding. 
Sew a pom-pom on a hanging cap 

3. We finish knitting a beard: 
- we knit with facial and purl rows, while in the purl rows we knit art. b / n with increments (first through 5 loops, then through 6, 7, and so on), and in the front rows we knit with elongated loops. 
To make the beard a few last rows stretched to the bottom, we knit with shortened rows, that is, we do not tie up several columns on both sides in each row. 

4. Mustache: 
- tie a chain out to. p. and tie it first with one side stretched loops, and then turn the knitting and knit the stretched loops on the back side of the chain. 
Sew a mustache on the face of Santa Claus. 

5. Eyebrows: 
Tie a chain of 10 in. p., and knit alternating (2 items. s / n, increment from art. s / n) to the end of row  

6. Spout: 
1 row: dial 2 c. n. and close them into the ring. Knit 6 tbsp. b / n [= 6]  
2 row: (increase) * 6 times [= 12]  
3 row: Art. b / n [= 12]. Attach a little filler 
4 row: (drop) * 6 times [= 6]  

7. Eyes  
- dial 2 c. n. and close them into the ring. Knit 8 tbsp. b / n [= 8]. Cut the thread and hide the ends. 

Fully knitted decoration is applied to the cardboard, we trace around the contour and cut out the cardboard base. 
Knitted fabric can be glued to a cardboard base or sew, both manually and on a sewing machine. 
Do not forget to attach the eyelet so that the decoration can be hung on the door or on the wall.


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