Crochet White Tunic for Women

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White Tunic Size: 36/38 (40 (42) 44/46 
Material: 700 (750) 800 g Blam 1)-Linares-(40 viscose. 30% Cotton, 20% linen, 10% Poliamída, Grossa Long 125 g) 
Crochet ADO ' 3.5-4, 30 Petras Transparent. 
Sample arches: No start P. 8 + P. multiple of CAD. For Turn. Lock according to diagram 1. Each v. Starts with 1 y/0 3 p. of each To replace the 10 p. Low and/or E! P. High. And with the P. Previous to ' motive, Repeat the motive continuously and End with cough p. After the reason. Work it again, repeat after The V. continually. Grid sample: N ' Start P. Multiple of 6 1 4, 3 p. of CAD. For Turn. Work according to scheme 2 The lower part of the top. 
The low P's are dibujaCos under the Scheme. Each v. Starts with 3 p. of Cad. To replace the 10 p. High, work The V. I time. Repeat after the Y 3 ' V. continually. Indicative sample of the Bows: 20p, antio ', Ox 10 cm In the gridsample: 22 P. of 10x10 cm. 
Attention: The measures of the Bottom are taken in part from the Model. Back: Mount for top 89 105 p. de Cao. 1 p. Cad. Nara Rotate V Work ARCM sample For armholes leave 15 cm 16 v. Long time p, without doing and in everyv
Times 2 p. without doing. Finish the work Over 65 (73) 81 p. Remaining at 34 cm Long. Leg Bottom trim Edge Top-Start with 85 (97) 103 p, low and continue in the sample of Grid. 5 cm from the Rejura sample Work now on the next V in the P. Arcs of CAD. 3 p. Cad. instead of 2. Work 8 v. Plus 4 p. of CAD. And after 8 v. Plus 5 p, of Cad. A 42.5 cm-34 v. (45 cm-36 v.) 47.5 cm 38 v. After over a Cup the thread work on V. [Inal Next between 2 p. Altos de 2 in Place of P. Decad. 1 Picot 3 p. de Cad. P. Low on P. de End the work later. Front: Work the same but with Opening and cleavage. For the opening. Leave P. Central to 6 v. (7.5 cm — 8 V 9.5 cm 10 v. Long without making and Finish each side separately. In the Barde of division increase I p. for The roundness of the cleavage let cm 15 v. On the Edge Interior time 4 p. and in Each v. 6 times 2 p. without doing. Finish Work on the 17 (21) 25 p. of 
I appoint remaining at the height of the Back. 
Sleeves: for top assemble 65 (13) 81 G. Decad. P. Decad. Leg Rotate and work The arch sample, to The cup leave at 4 cm 4 v. Long to Both sides time 4 p. Without doing V in Each v. 13 p. At 18 cm — 19v.de Long Finish work on 5 (13) 21 p. remaining. For the bottom trim the Interor Det starting edge with 67 {73) 79 p. Baios and continue in the sample Grid. At 7 cm from the grid sample Work now on the V, next in the Arcs of P. Ce CAD. 3 p. of CAD _instead 
of 2. Work after 3 v. Plus 4 p. of CAD. And after 10 v. Plus 5 p. of Each at 07.5 cm-30 v.) 36 cm = 29 V. After binding of New work V, as in the Back and then finish the job. Finishing: Close seams gives Shoulders. Tas 
Sleeves. Ritetcar the cleavage and Opening edges with 1 v. Closed P. Low and 1 v. Closed p. de Crab p. baics from left to right). Thread 15 beads V Sew Every time I Cotdón of pearls like ribbon to tie to The corner of the neckline. 

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