Mens hat with a lapel

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At the cottage in the evenings she knitted - to rest, so to rest! I decided to try a slightly different way to tie a men's hat with an elastic band 2x2 knitting needles from the crown. Knitted from one skein left after a vest with pockets (see below) on circular 4 mm knitting needles with two threads. 

In the ring, wrapped around the finger, I made 14 loops, picking them up from the top, then from the bottom of the thread of this loop. Distributed into 2 needles (circular). 
1 row: knit these 14 (12 possible) loops face. 
I made one row. 
2 row: did nakida between them. 
3 row knit all the backs with purl like 1x1 gum (it turned out 28 (24) loops). 
This I knit two rows. 
4 row: I did nakidy after each face. 
5-6 row: knit nakidy facial (it turned out 42 (36) loops). 
This I knit three rows. 
7 row: made nakida between facial. 
8-9-10 row knit knit back purses like 1x1 elastic (it turned out 56 (48) loops). 
I made it 4 rows.
11th row: made nakida after each facial loop. 
12-13-14-15 knit knit front rows (it turned out 84! (72) loops) 
I knit it 5 rows. 
16 row: made nakida after each purl. 
17th row: knitted knit backs (it turned out 112! (96) loops).

18 and the subsequent rows knitted until the end of the gum 2x2 with a circle of 112 loops. 
The lapel turned out to be quite high, so 1 skein of 100 grams was enough!

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