A gift is a bear in a cup amigurumi

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I think that some of us have ever been given mugs as a duty gift. Sometimes these mugs really become loved and used every day, but I have most of these gifts gathering dust in the bins in case of a hypothetical influx of guests. And since the place in the kitchen does not increase, it was necessary to put these stocks somewhere. I just planted greens in such circles, at the bottom of expanded clay, above the ground and forth!) You can sow herbs such as oregano and parsley, you can also cactus - this is up to you! Decorative hot peppers are growing in my mugs (so far only he, the other mugs are waiting for their high point at the dacha, there are narrow windowsills, for the mugs just right)

And, of course, I didn’t manage to avoid the embellishment of these very mugs) Since I have mugs with images of a-la Teddy bears, I also knitted something similar in appearance and color scheme. The initial idea was this: to tie a toy with frame paws so that it “holds” itself by the handle or the edge of the mug. But with such long paws the bear already on teddy became a little like, so it turned out just a bear with the ability to change the pose. And in order to keep the bear where necessary, you can use double-sided tape. 

In order to make such a bear, you will need: 

1. yarn is thin acrylic gray and white (I have “Bee” 100% acrylic again) 

2. hook No. 1.5, scissors, needle, pliers, hot melt gun 

3. filler

4. a pair of peepholes (I have eyes for gluing) 

5. threads for embroidery of the face 

6. aluminum wire d = 1.5 mm 

And here is the description of knitting: 

Head and torso: 

1st row: amigurumi ring , dial 6 loops (6 ) 

2nd row: increase in each loop (12) 

3rd row: (1 SCN, 1P) * 6 times (18) 

4th row: (2 SBN, 1P) * 6 times (24) 

5th Row: (3 sc, 1P) * 6 times (30) 

6th row: (4 sc, 1P) * 6 times (36) 

7th-10th: (36 sc) (36) 

11th row : (4 sc, 1U) * 6 times (30) 

12th row: (3 sc, 1U) * 6 times (24) 

13th row: (2 sc, 4U) * 6 times (18) 

14th Rd: (1 sc, 1u) * 6 times (12)

We knit 6 scs, fill our heads, without tearing the threads, knit the torso 

15th row: (1 scn, 1P) * 6 times (18) 

16th row: (2 scn, 1P) * 6 times (24) 

17th 21st rows: (24 sc) (24) 

22nd row: (2 sc, 1u) * 6 times (18) 

23rd row: (1 sc, 1u) * 6 times (12) 

Stuff the body with a filler. 

24th row: (1U) * 6 times (6) We 

tighten the hole, fasten and hide the thread. 


1st row: amigurumi ring , recruit 6 loops (6) 

2nd row: (2СБН, 1П) * 2 times (8) 

3rd-6th rows: (8 СБН) (8) 

We leave the thread for sewing. 


1st row: amigurumi ring , dial 6 loops (6) 

2nd row: (2SBN, 1P) * 2 times (8)

3rd-7th rows: (8 sc) (8) 

We leave the thread for sewing. 


We knit white yarn. 

1st row: amigurumi ring , dial 6 loops (6) 

2nd row: increase in each loop (12) 

Next, knit 15 more scons in a spiral, leaving the thread for sewing. 


Making a sliding knot, dialing a chain of 3 VP. In the very first loop of the chain, we knit 5 CCHs, then do another 1 VP and close it in the very first loop. Obtained rounded thin ears. Belly 

Knit with white yarn. 

1st row: amigurumi ring , dial 6 loops (6) 

2nd row: increase in each loop (12) 

We leave the thread for sewing. 


First you need to make a frame for the legs. We bend the tip of the wire with pliers with an eyelet so that it does not pierce the knitted fabric. Measure the wire along the length of the foot + 1 cm on the fastening on the body. Repeat the procedure for the other legs. 

Putting the frame. 

We put on the legs on the frame and sew. Stuff the limbs is not necessary. 

Sew the belly, face and ears. My bear is wearing a knitted hat with a pompon (my first knitted knitting hat!))))), So my ears are sewn directly to her. 

Bear is ready! 


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