Amigurumi Hamster

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When you make a magic ring, leave a long tail, then this thread will become a tail. 

8sbn in the ring amigurumi, 
1. 2sbn in each loop - 16,  
2. 1sbn, right to the end of the row -24 
3. 2sbn, pr- 32 
4. 3sbn, pr - 40 
5dor - 40 
10. 3sbn, - 32 
11. 32 
12. 2сбн, уб - 24 
13-14. - 24. 
In the 14th row to sew the eyes, 5bn between them 
15. 4sbn, ub -20 
16. 20 
17. 3sbn, ub - 16 
18. 2sbn, ub-12 
19. 6 deductions - 6. 
close the knitting, leave the long tail of the thread and stretch along all the knitting, coming out through the ring amigurumi-this will be the tail. 

from the amigurumi ring leave the long tails-the future tail.
8c. in the magic ring 
8 additions-16 
16 sb in a circle. 
close the knitting, leaving a long tail, which, after sewing the ears, will stretch through the body and become a tail. 

tail. in the end we have 6 strings, of which a pigtail is made.


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