Crochet Hair Band Daisy

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How to tie a hair band "Daisy"

For knitting I used cotton yarn and hook № 1.3 mm. White "Narcissus" and multi-coloured "iris" (thinner yarn).

According to the scheme, tie the white petals from the narcissus.

Tie them in a row of non-lime-colored "iris" bars. If the light blue yarn you will have the same thickness as the white, then tie one column without a scale in one hinge of the base. The last row-tie the petals of blue yarn. Tie a strip of red melange "Iris": Knit chain of 45. Loops, 3 loops and then alternate 1st/NAC, 2 ST/NAC in one hinge of the base. Bind the substrate with white yarn (leave the thread to be more authentic to the base). Tie the green petals. All the details are steamed and gently ironed from both sides.

White sewing threads and a thin needle sew in the center of a flower white pearl bead, and around it invisible stitches a red stripe.

From below sew a detail with leaflets.

Pick the right color beads and sew them middle.

From the back, sew the substrate using the left thread and the needle with the big ear. Do not cut the threads by sew a strong elastic band. or sew gum Separately, another thread, then without problems can replace the old worn gum on the new.

Gallery and Pattern :

Source : https://vk.com/club80847474?w=wall-80847474_1466%2Fall

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