Easter Bunny and Chicken Tutorial

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These wonderful chickens and bunnies were connected by a great master from Poland SZYDELKOWE DONI

We start from the head: 5-cp. we connect in a ring; 
16 items with one over; 
we rise to the third row (4 bp); 
Now in each loop we sew 2 sts with 2 nakidami (32 st-kov). 

It turned out one circle of the head, cut the thread. Also we knit the second circle and, without tearing the thread, tie the circles along the edge. 

Here on the white hen you can clearly see how the head is made. We crawl along the edge of the circles to the point where to get further (in the 1st row of the breast) we have 18 sts with the 1st nakid (neck).

St.s nakidom-1 vp-st.s nakidom (here it was necessary to think how to make sure that those rows that knit in a circle of the breast did not turn out discontinuously, for this I divided the head in half and tied it with crawling loops to the middle and only then, she began to knit in a circle the first row of the neck: 
the second row: 2 sts with two crochets through 1 ct 
. 3rd row: 3 sts with 2 napidami through 1 stp. 
4th row: we knit, for example, with a white thread 10 st.s 2 nakidami through 1 vp and then go to another color thread and knit three rows are no longer in a circle, and with a turn (I will not describe the pattern- here everything is visible) 


Note: in the diagram on the right there is some shemka-it has nothing to do with it.

PSHow to give such a beautiful shape to the chickens. It is necessary to starch very much, to stretch knitting on small bottles suitable for the size of chickens. or on eggs made of foam

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3803925/post359058393/

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