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The presented pattern of knitting, openwork leaves are very well suited for 
knitting stoles and scarves, not only summer ones, but also demi-season and winter ones. 
Knitting pattern is quite voluminous and for tops and T-shirts is not suitable, 
although it all depends on the selected yarn. 

The pattern repeat consists of 21 loops and 20 rows, but it must be borne in mind that after rapport, 
you need to type 5 loops for symmetry of the pattern with needles. In the knitting pattern 
, only facial (odd) rows are indicated and purl rows should be knitted 
according to the pattern, nakida should be knit with purl loops. Sishechki (Nuppa) need to 
crochet, which fits the size of the needles.

Another point, the openwork path with knobs knits according to its algorithm, namely, 
rapport is 8 rows in height of this openwork track, so they do not always 
coincide with the rows of the main track of openwork leaves. But to follow the ranks in rapport is 
absolutely not difficult, since it is clear which one will be happy to go on.

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