How to Knit a ring amigurumi

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Loop amigurumi or a magic ring is the basis for the knitting of similar toys, as well as used for the knitting of the knitting yarn. It is done quite simply. 

1. Flip the thread through the palm, leaving a small tail (slightly wider than the width of the palm). Clamp the thread between the middle and ring fingers. 

2. Next, thread the thread from the coil on two fingers and cross with the previous thread. 

3. Slide the hook into the crosshairs and pull the thread. 

4. Remove the loop from the fingers. Pull out the working thread and tighten. This loop is not considered the first column in the ring. 

5. Pull the loop and then crochet the thread (from the coil). Drag the working thread through the two loops on the hook. Thus, you knit the first column without single crochet in the amigurumi ring . 

6. Next, tie a ring with the number of crochets indicated in the scheme. Tighten firmly by pulling on the tail. You got a ring amigurumi (KA).

An alternative method (usually used when knitting toys from plush yarn): dial 2 air loops and then knit the required number of single crochets into the second loop from the hook. 

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