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The Japanese, as always, are original. They offer us. Here are such beautiful and unusual slippers. They knit very simply and look great on legs. 

Of course, everyone can come up with their own decoration, design - fantasy to help you. 

Knitting can begin with a double set of crochet, but you can just type the loops on the knitting needles as usual. 

We type on knitting needles 40 loops and knit with an elastic band 2x2 17-18 cm. For knitting we take a thick thread, in three pieces. 

Then we subtract 2 loops from both sides and knit the Japanese slippers with garter stitching, reducing in each row one loops until 5 loops remain on the knitting needles.

Then we knit the ties to Japanese slippers to the length that you need. There are 20 rows here

In the same way we knit a string to Japanese slippers and on the other hand. It should look like this

Now we get the workpiece in half and sew on the sides

That's what Japanese slippers have turned out! 

So look related Japanese slippers: 

Decorate slippers with beads and a knitted flower. 

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3803925/post188537191/

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