Christmas decoration - Soft knitted heart

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Today I suggest you do as a decoration on the Christmas tree symbol
love - a soft knitted heart.
There are several hypotheses as to why the heart
personifies love. According to one of them, Indian, the heart - nothing more
As an image of the auras of men and women that have merged in a close union.
The symbol of unity and strength of relations.
Give your loved ones a heart made with your own hands, with love.
And even in the new year it will serve as a wonderful guard for your relatives and

• the remnants of threads, combined in color.
We took the green, blue and thread colors of white gold.
• A suitable size hook.
• packing of white beads.
• A needle and thin threads in tone.
• Soft pillow filler.
• "golden" waxed thread.

Let's get to work:
Knit the basis will be on the left.
Alternating the blue and green threads, connect the two bases (the thickness of each
strips - 2 rows).
The left apex of the heart knit symmetrically right (rows 21-27).
Connect both halves of the base next to the columns without the crochet (see Fig.

Fill the inside of the heart with a soft pillow filler.

Take a thin thread in the tone and use it to sew around the perimeter
heart white beads.
Pass the golden waxed cord. With his help, the heart will be hung
on the Christmas tree.
As an arrow piercing the heart, you can take, for example, a stick
for sushi, to shorten it, to sharpen, and then to pierce her ready heart.

If you decide to tie a solid heart, try decorating
his golden cord.
For this, tie a ready-made heart next to the eyelets (green on
outline at the beginning of the article). And then a few rasses wind the heart
a gold cord, each time passing it through the resulting loops
(see photo).
Tie the New Year tree, and to her - the knitted heart. Your gift
the set is ready!

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