Amigurumi Snowman Description

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Description of the author: 
We need: Remains of thick yarn (I have beige acrylic wool), Yarn is thinner than blue (acrylic wool), a pair of meters of orange yarn (cotton), 3 small buttons , 2 eyes (there may be beads, special eyes, and you can even embroider), a string of floss (eyebrow-mouth), hooks № 4 and № 2. Smntepuh ihi any other material for stuffing a snowman. Satin ribbon or thread for loop. 
Let's start? 

I - column without nakida (sbn) V-increase (2 columns without nakida in one loop-base of the previous row) Ʌ - decrease (2 columns without nakida, tied together). 
We knit in a spiral, for convenience we put a marker (pin) at the beginning of the row, so as not to get entangled in the loops and rows. 

Body: (hook No. 4) 
2-3 air loops are closed into a ring or amigurumi loop (sliding loop) 
1 row: 6 columns without a nakida (sbn) 
2 row: V * 6 (12 sbn) 
3 row: IV * 6 ( 18 sat) 
4th row: IIV * 6 (24 sat) 
5th row-8 row: 4 simple circles (24 sat) 
9 row: IIɅ * 6 (18 sat) 
10 row: IɅ * 6 (12 sat) 
11 row: * 6 (6 sbn) 
12th row: simple circle (6 sbn) 
13th row: V * 6 (12 sbn)
14th row: IV * 6 (18 Sat) 
15th row-17 row: 3 simple circles (18 Sat) 
18 row: IɅ * 6 (12 Sat) 
19 row: Ʌ * 6 (6 Sat) 
20 row: Backs to the end and sew the hole. 

Carrot spout: (hook No. 2) 
1st row: 4 sbn in a ring 
2nd row: IVIV (6 sbn) 
3rd row: simple circle (6 sbn) 
4th row: IIVIIV (8 sbn) 
5th row: simple circle (8 sbn) 
We fill the spout with filler 

Cylinder: (thread in two additions, hook No. 2) 
1 row: 6 sbn into ring 
2 row: V * 6 (12 sbn) 
3 row: IV * 6 (18 sbn) 
4 row: Simple circle (18 sbn ) for the back half of the previous row. 
5 row - 8 row: 4 simple circles (18 Sat) 
9 row: IV * 9 (27 Sat) 
10 row: IIV * 9 (36 Sat)
11th row: simple circle (36 sbn) 
12th row: we knit a row of connecting loops. (we make out the edge of the fields). 
The cylinder itself is filled with filler. 
We cut, we hide thread. 

A scarf (a thread in two additions, a hook No. 2) 
1 row: a chain of 35 air loops + 2 lifting loops 
2 row: 35 double crochets. 
We cut, hide the thread. We tie a snowman beautifully around his neck. 

We sew the cylinder to the head of the snowman, eyes are fixed at the level where you like best. I have them between the 16th and 17th rows, embroider a thread of a floss Eyebrows and a smile, sew buttons on the tum, we thread a tape or thread in the center of the crown and a loop and our snowman is READY!) 
Enjoy your time!


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