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Source: Fashion Magazine. "" A bright, cheerful handbag will definitely come in handy for you on holiday. It will suit any shorts, skirts or pants. 
You will need: 350 grams of cotton threads of different colors (125 m / 50 grams), hooks No. 2 and No. 8.
In order to tie such a backpack you need to show your imagination. It is not necessary to copy this thing. Here the principle and idea are important, and everything else depends only on you. You will need both new skeins, and various remnants of thread. It is only important that they all have a solid color and have the same thickness. Start by selecting the color combination of 8 square motifs. To do this, cut 1.5-2 cm of thread from each skein and place them on separate white paper strips of 4 colors. Secure the thread with a transparent "scotch", mark the direction of knitting. Now select a combination of future squares among themselves. Connect the squares according to the scheme. Sew them with a needle with a contrast thread for both half-loops into the ring. With the same thread, tie up crochets with one side of the ring. The circumference of the ring is equal to the circumference of the bottom. Tie the bottom of the backpack as follows: 3 VP loop into the ring; in the center of the ring 6СБН, then knit the Sc in a circle, making 6 increments on each row to the desired size, alternating color bands at will. Perform the last row of the bottom C1H, then 1 row knit relief relief poles (you get a side). Now knit in a circle without increments in the forward and reverse rows of the SCN, C1H or C2H, alternating colors and making loops for lifting. For drawing: C1H or C2H, alternating colors and making loops for lifting. For drawing: C1H or C2H, alternating colors and making loops for lifting. For drawing:
"Tick" enter the hook 1 or 2 rows below; 
“Cross” - 2 rows lower in front around С1Н; 
"Stars" - make 5 punctures 1, 2. 3 rows lower on the strip of RLS and tie all the loops off the hook in 1 reception.
Tie the bottom of the backpack (10-15 cm). At the beginning and end of one of the first rows, make a hole from 2-3 x VP to fasten the straps. Sew a ring of squares. Then continue knitting from the top edge of the ring with a color that is tied with the bottom edge. Tie another 20-25 cm. In the upper part, tie 1 stitch of SZN + 12 holes of 1VP to hold the handle. Tie another 5-6 rows and tie the edge in “slumber step”. Handle tie a cord "caterpillar" in 6-7 threads of different colors with a hook №8. Insert the handle into the holes left on top, tuck the ends of the straps into the holes in the bottom of the backpack and fasten them on the wrong side. If desired, you can sew the lining. Further detailed description


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