How to tie French Macarons Cakes

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Cotton 100%, hook, filler for toys

French pastries Macarons (macaroni, macaroni) are very often found in jewelry made of polymer clay, however, they also look good and in a knitted form! I want to share with you one of the options as they can be crocheted.

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In my opinion, the most important thing in knitting macaroni is the selection of yarn. Delicate colors from one ruler look better in jewelry, as a thread of one thickness and structure. However, it turned out that pastel shades among cotton yarn is not easy to find (it seems to me more wearable for jewelry).

I managed to choose three options for myself.

1. Yarn "Chamomile" from the pnk named after Kirov, 100% Merserizovnna cotton, 75 gr, 330 m (using a hook 1.75 mm).

From this yarn are made the most miniature macaroni (about 2 SM at knitting 6 rows, it is possible and less). The only minus is no light yellow hue.

2. Yarn "Lily" from Alpina, 100% mercerized cotton, 50 gr, 175 m (Use hook 1.75 mm).

When knitting the same hook and 6 rows, Macroun turns about 3 cm. One of the most favorite options for a confectionery theme, there is a vanilla tint.

3. Yarn "Anabel" from Alpina, 100% mercerized cotton, 50 gr, 120 m (Use hook 2.5 mm). From it the most voluminous macrones (about 4 sm), there are beautiful shades, including vanilla. This yarn is used in this master class.

These are obtained from each kind of yarn with the same number of rows:

Having chosen yarn, let's begin knitting!

For the Master class were used:

White and soft pink yarn Anabel Alpina (in 50 GR 120 m).
Hook Clover 2.5 mm (analog "gamma" № 2.5 mm).
Needle with wide ear, scissors, filler.

SBN = no-scale column;
d = increment;
* Repeat part in asterisks *.
Knit two identical parts (halves of macaroni). It is possible to knit on a spiral without a connecting column.

1r – 6 in the ring Amaguuumi (6)

2r – 6 Ave (12)

3r – * Ave, repeat 6 times (18)

4r-18 SBN (18)

5r-hook insert lower than usual, that is the same where the previous row was knitted! We like to tie 4 row with new bars without a scale, while still making a raise.

* Ave, 2 RBR * Repeat 6 times (24)

This series will look like this (columns more voluminous):

6r – We tie the edge behind the front wall of the loop with half-poles without a scale (they are also called connecting poles) (24).

Correct with hands, bend a detail so that the form of a cup has turned out.

Cream and connection of details:

Attach the white thread to any of the halves, knit behind the back of the Wall 24.

Cut off the thread, it is sew to the second half also behind the back wall (at the end we leave a small hole to fill the filler-it is very important to put the denser to the pasta took the desired shape).

You can do it in different ways, I like these two.

1 Variant: The needle is to be conquered from the outside inside under two walls of a cream, and I deduce from below upwards through a back wall of the second halves:

The result is:

2 version: The needle will be in the cream from top to bottom through the horizontal part of the column from the reverse side:

I deduce as in 1 way-from below upwards through a back wall of the second half:

In this case the cream looks like an air chain (in comparison with 1 way):

That's it!

According to the same principle, you can increase and decrease the number of rows by the rule of the circle (that is, add in each row of 6 SBN)-and get the pasta of different sizes.

Macaroni are ideal as toys, souvenirs, magnets on the refrigerator, from them it is possible to collect charms, bracelets, a necklace and simply to use as a decoration of other toys.

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/1478929-kak-svyazat-frantsuzskie-pirozhnye-macarons?msec=24

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