Crochet Rug for Bathroom

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These rugs have become a discovery for me, not in the sense that I did not know about knitting from this material, on the Internet there are often bags and even hats from needlewomen. In my understanding, such material still can not be pulled over the head Rugs are another matter, and the longer I use them, the more I like them, I'm talking about rugs connected from plastic bags. "The first one contacted for the sake of curiosity and the desire to use as a pick up the colorful plastic bags of a firm gathered.

Pros!   Simply and quickly knit, especially the squares. Light weight and a small amount of raw material allows you to take in a handbag a tiny bag of needlework and always have it, as they say, at hand. It's nice that the packages do not have to be thrown away, but the thing is not only free, but also useful.

Now about the  functional properties of the rug . If you check, confirm word for word, I vouch. Very pleasant, soft and warm feeling underfoot. Under the mat never accumulates moisture, because it is not dense and at the same time does not get wet when you become on it leaving the bath. Do not slip and do not get lost on the floor. Light weight and simple care - lightly apply a detergent, wash off with a shower and let it drain immediately not the edge of the bath. For its purpose - wear-resistant. What else do you need for such rugs? Only that they can be of several colors, under each set of towels. So you will have something to do in your spare time!

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