Amigurumi Beautiful Dog

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Materials: strings of iris, strings of cotton, hook No. 1, glue moment, polymer clay, polymer clay fimo, filler, amigurumi
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Let's tie another dog! I propose an option on the button fastening of the legs, which allows the toy to be mobile and take a variety of poses. The doggie can be a souvenir, key chain or a friend for your dolls. 

The size when knitting with specified threads is about 7 cm. 

To knit a doggie, you will need: 

- Iris threads of three shades of brown; 

- hook number 1; 

- a filler for toys; 

- acrylic paints for painting (or pastel, shadows, pencils); 

- 4 buttons for attaching the legs for 2 punctures (or you can make the fastening on the thread, without buttons); 

- 2 beads for the peepholes (either ready-made eyes, or threads for embroidery peepholes); 

- polymer clay for spout (or threads for embroidery nose); 

- scissors;

- needle for stapling; 

- glue Moment Crystal (for sticking the nose and collar); 

- a piece of leather, wire or pin and a suspension for a collar. 


vp - air loop 

sbn - column without nakid 

ub - decrease 

pr - increase 

1. HEAD 

Knit the main color, starting with the tip of the nozzle. 

1st series - in 6sbn ring amigurumi

2nd series - 6pr = 12sbn 

third row - (1sbn, etc.) X6 = 18sbn 

4-7y row - 18sbn 

8th row - (1sbn, etc.) X9 = 27sbn 

9th row - 8sbn (pr 4sbn ) X2, etc., 8sbn 30sbn = 

10th row - 6sbn, etc., 2sbn (pr 5sbn) X2, etc., 2sbn, etc., 5sbn 35sbn = 

11th row - 17. pr = 17 36 

12-19y row - 36sbn 

20y a row - (4sbn, ub) X6 = 30sbn

21st row - (3sbn, ub) X6 = 24sbn 

22nd row - (2sbn, ub) X6 = 18sbn 

23rd row - (1sbn, ub) X6 = 12sbn, fill the muzzle 

24th row - 6ub = 6sbn. 

Thread trimmed, leaving a long tail. 

2. BODY 

Knit the main color, starting from the front, with the chest. 

1st row - 6sbn in amigurumi ring . 

2nd row - 6pr = 12sbn 

3rd row - (1sbn, pr) X6 = 18sbn 

4th row - (2sbn, pr) X6 = 24sbn 

5th row - (3sbn, pr) X6 = 30sbn 

6th row - (pr, 9sbn) X3 = 33sbn 

7-15th row - 33b 

16th row - (kill, 2b) X3, 21b = 30sbn 

17-23nd row-30sbn 

24th row - (3sbn, kill) X6 = 24sbn 

25th row - (2sbn, kill) X6 = 18sbn Fill the 


26th row - (1sbn, ub) X6 = 12sbn

27th row - 6ub = 6sbn 

3. PAWS 

Link 2 pieces with body color and 2 pieces with other shades. 

1st row - 6sbn in amigurumi ring . 

2nd row - 12sbn 

3rd row - (pr, 3sbn) X3 = 15sbn 

4-5th row - 15sbn 

6th row - 1sbn, ave, 2sbn, (slab, 1sbn) X3, 1sbn, pr = 14sbn 

7th row - 4sbn, (slab 2sbn) X2, 2sbn = 12sbn 

8th row - 3sbn, (ass, 2sbn) X2, 1sbn = 10sbn 

9-10y series - 10sbn 

11th row - 3sbn, (pr, 2sbn) X2, 1sbn = 12sbn 

12th row - 2sbn, (pr , 2sbn) X3, 1sbn = 15sbn 

13th row - 15sbn 

14th row - (4sbn, pr) X3 = 18sbn 

15-16th row - 18sbn 

17th row - (1sbn, ub) X6 = 12sbn To stuff a 

paw (the top is loose). 

18th row - 6ub = 6sbn 


Knit dark brown. 

1st row - 6sbn in amigurumi ring . 

2nd row - 6pr = 12sbn 

3rd row - (1sbn, pr) X6 = 18sbn 

4th row - (5sbn, pr) X3 = 21b 

5-7th row - 21sbn 

8th row - (5sbn, ub) X3 = 18sbn 

9-12th row - 18th row 

13th row - (4sbn, ub) X3 = 15sbn 14th 

15th row - 15sbn 16th 

row - (3sbn, ub) X3 = 12sbn 

17th row - 12sbn 

18th row - 6ub = 6sbn 

Link two pieces. 

5. TAIL 

Start to knit in dark brown. 

1st row - 6sbn in amigurumi ring . 

2nd row - Ave, 5sbn = 7sbn 

3rd row - 3sbn, Ave, 3sbn = 8sbn 

4th row - go to knit main color - Ave, 7sbn = 9sbn

5-7th row - 9sbn 

6. NECK 

16 v . Closed in a ring. 

1-2nd row - 16sbn in a spiral 


Sew the neck to the head, the initial row of the neck is facing the head. The place of sewing the neck in front is between the 10th and the 11th row, counting from the spout. Sew the bead eyes, bringing the thread into the neck hole. Tighten slightly, drowning eyes. Make eyelids - pull the thread left on the back of your head into the outer corner of the eye, change the needle to the hook, tie this thread 5vp, thread the needle again and bring it to the inner corner of the same eye. Repeat for the second eye. 

Sew ears to the head, after trying them on and finding the most attractive position.

Sew the head to the body (between the 3rd and 4th near the center of the chest), placing it not straight, but slightly with a turn in one direction. Sew a tail. Make paws on the buttons. First you need to find the place of attachment. Attach the paws to the tailor pins, twist them and find the right place for sewing. Sew the forelegs approximately in the 8th row from the center of the chest, and the hind legs in the 8th row from the center of the back. 

It is necessary to sew the legs in pairs according to the scheme with a strong non-expandable thread (cotton, sometimes dental floss is recommended). Fasten the thread in one of the points, then hold it several times through the buttons and then fasten it under one of the legs, hide the tip inside. 

From polymeric clay of brown color make a spout suitable for the size, bake it and glue it. If desired, the spout can be embroidered.

Acrylic paints to draw specks on the back and legs of dogs. 


Cut a piece of leather about 9 cm long. Twist a buckle from a piece of wire or metal pin with the help of pliers. Thread the belt into the buckle, attach the suspension on the ringlet. Try a puppy collar, glue the collar around the dog so that the buckle is outside, and the loose tail sticks slightly.

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