Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

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The skirt is knitted in a circle from the waist down, dial 216 in. and knitting on Shemeu 1-45 rows. Without breaking the passing immediately knit ruffles on the Shemeu 2, and then doomed to the passing. We resume work with the last row of the main pattern, knitting 59 arches of the 7th C. On the scheme of 3-7 series, then again knitting the main pattern skirt (scheme 1) 13 rows. Then again arches from 7th C.-70 PCs. 7. Rows, and again on the stock of the Shemeu 1-13 series, the last Hunted knitting on Shemeu 4.
At the junction of the career patterns tie ruffles on Shemeu 2.
The belt is knitted with relief columns: 2 obverse columns with a scale, 1 seamy to catch up with a scale-6 rows. Top of the belt we tie on the diagram 5. Cut 3 thin rubber strips of the desired length and hold in the belt on the Iznanochnoje side of the soloists relief columns.

Pattern :

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/zhivaya_reka/post438405534/

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