Amigurumi Deer Crochet

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Knitted toys donated for the New Year or Christmas from the heart, loaded with positive thoughts, will make your gifts the most soulful and desirable! 
Height with horns 13cm. 

For work you will need: 
Cotton and Gold Alize yarn of dairy and beige color (55% cotton - 45% acrylic; 100g - 330m); 
YarnArt Jeans yarn is a light brown color (55% cotton - 45% polyacryl; 50g - 160m); 
Yarn Gazzal Baby Cotton light green color (60% cotton - 40% acrylic; 165m - 50g); 
Hooks 2 and 1.75mm; 
Holofiber or sintepukh; 
6mm beads (black color); 

SB - column without nakida; 
P - increase; 
Ub - (subtraction); 
KA - Amigurumi ring . 

Description of the knitting process:
One piece knit head-torso-legs master class teddy bears crochet. But with some amendments to change the color of the yarn in certain places. 

Head: 1-10 row knits in a beige color scheme. 

From the 11th row we change to dairy and knit up to the 18th row. 

Attach beige. yarn and knit torso and legs, not dovyvyazyvaya 3 last rows, which dovyayvayem brown. 

This is the basis should be obtained. 

On all the details leave a long thread for stitching. 

We fill with filler in the process. 

To start, we knit 2 parts, which we then combine. 
No. 1 
row: 6SBN in KA; 
2-3 row: 6SBN. 
1st row: 6СБН in KA; 
2-5 number: 6SBN. The thread is not cut off.
Crochet a deer Grisha We 
join together. 
6 row: 12СБН; 
7th row: 6UB (6); 
8-9 number: 6SBN. 

Deer Ears: 
Getting started with a milky color. 
1st row: 4СБН; 
2nd row: 4P (8); 
3 row: 1SBN, P (12). 
Change the beige color of the yarn. 
4-6 number: 12SBN. 
Fold in half 5СБН. 

Getting brown thread. 
1st row: 6СБН in SC; 
2nd row: 2SBN, P (8). 
We continue with a beige thread. 
3-10 ranks: 8SBN. 
Fold in half and connect 3SBN. 

1st row: 3SBN in SC; 
2nd row: 3P (6); 
3-4 row: 6SBN. 

Overlay on belly: 
1st row: 6СБН in a ring; 
2nd row: 6P (12);
3rd row: 1СБН, П (18). 

Scarf: We type an 
elastic set of loops with a crochet crocheted crochet of the desired length. 

We tie around the perimeter of the sc. 

At the ends we sew buttons. 

All items are related. 

We make out a muzzle: we embroider a nose with cherry color, we sew eyes, and then horns, ears, handles, a pad on the tummy, and last, a tail. 

We tie the accessory and our deer is ready! 

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