Knitting Funny Monkey Free Pattern

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Knitting Monkey :

Use tools and materials:

We begin to knit from below, legs are knitting from two different flowerbeds, delivery knitting, each on 10 loops (including) and 8 rows in height.

Further knit all rows of facial, on a circle, on 5 spokes, on 5 loops on each spoke

10 rows

Let's make a decrease for the neck in 2 rows: (Consider from the middle of the trunk)-3 persons., 2 persons together, 1 persons.; Trail. Spoke-1 persons, 1 withdraw, 1persons., stretch it through the removed loop, 3 persons. etc. (i.e. they are obtained from the side)

12 received loops distribute on 2 spokes-on 6, face knit separately before and a back straight/reverse rows on 2 spokes, for the front we shall take colour brighter.

-1 (persons), 2 (IZN) series-6 loops;
-3 Series Add through one + 5 loops = 11;
-4 series of I added the scum and put them crossed so that without holes it would be;
-in 5 still add through one = 21 loops;
-6 Series-izn;
-7 number of persons;
-8 Series-N.

Then knit like a heel at the foot: divide the loops into 3 parts = 21:3 = 7
-1 row of 13 persons, 14 and 15 together persons, unfold;
-2 Series 6 Izn, 7 and 8 together;
-3 Row 6 persons, 7 and 8 persons together;
-4 row as 2;
-5 row as 3;
-6 row as 2, unfold, 7 persons range through and 8th range through without abubage.

Afterwards six rows of stocking fabric knitting on 15 loops on two spokes.

Let's go to the back.
-1 Series on the drawing it I get it-proyazit;
-2 number of persons, make increments through one = 11 loops;
-3 Series-11;
-4 Series-evenly add 4 loops = 15 loops, then knit the front line, 11 rows (to the length of the muzzle was the same).

Next next to turn on 4 spokes, knit in a circle brown thread one row, loops distribute: on 2 spokes on 7 and on 2 spokes on 8 loops.

From the next row we do the same as for the neck.

The remaining 6 loops knit on 3 together, have got 2 loops, them take off on a string.

Side view:

Ears knit crochet: Make a ring, 1 VP, 3 St. Without a scale.
-2 row 1 V P lifting, 6 St. without a scale;
-3 row 1 V P lifting, 12st without scale;
-Knit 2 abalone.

We begin to collect: sew the legs with the side, stuffing synpoom.

Now the head: Do not forget about the ears:), it was convenient for me to sew them first to the back, and then sew with the front, making one seam, filled with a synth, sewed the other side.

Make an expressive nose: to flash the bottom-top small stitches, slightly to duck.

For the hairstyle cut the yarn in slices of about 10 cm.

Crochet make a fluffy tail.

The handles and the tail I crocheted from the chain of the VAD. Loops., 15 v. P.

On the handles put on wooden beads.

Embroider the nose.

and a mouth.

I almost forgot that it would be a suspension:) and added a Petelku

Eyes-ready, pasted on a thermo-glue, on a crown-a bow.

Here is such a funny monkey-toy, mascot for the New year-turned out!

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