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Used YarnArt Threads Jeans and YarnArt Violet, 
hook number 1,

wire for beadwork 0.3 green and pink 
threads White iris and white beads for the core. 

Connect the circle 6-12-18-24-30-36-40. 
In the Tunisian technique to tie a petal, for this: 
1p. - 10 VP (9 + 1 edge); 
2p. - knit 10 loops with Tunisian technique (pull out the last loop from the same loop of the basis of the circle); 
3r. - we add 1 loop (we dial 1 VP) + 10 loops in the Tunisian technique, the last loop is pulled out from the 2nd loop of the basis of the circle; 
4p. - we reduce 1 loop (we knit 1 connecting column) + 10 loops in the Tunisian technique, the latter is drawn in from the 3rd loop of the basis of the circle; 
5p. - "close" the petal connecting columns, the last column in the 3rd loop of the circle.
Knit 2 sc - the distance between the petals. In the next loop we knit a connecting column + 9 air loops - the beginning of the second petal is obtained. Next knit in the same way. 
Tying 8 petals in this way, tie the entire flower around the perimeter of the sc, laying the wire inside, in order to later give the petals rigidity and shape. It is desirable to take the wire in such a shade as thread. 

The core of the flower. 
Type on the working thread beads (approximately 100 pieces, depending on the size of the beads) and knit using the technique of knitting beads. 
Sew the core into the flower.

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