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From complex to simple. Now the second MK, in which I will tell you how to collect an elephant from the same elements of an "African flower". 
I used the yarn from Troitsk "Blues" 190m / 50g. Out white 50g, light violet 80g. Filler holofiber.
Bottom view. This photo will have to be addressed when we collect the elephant, it is clearly visible elements. In the photo in the MK this view is from the inside, and here outside. 
4ug - 1 pc. 
5yug - 27 pcs. 
6rg - 3 pcs. 
7rg - 1 pc. 
8rg - 4 pcs. 
It is necessary to associate this number of elements. The color scheme can be used any. I recommend to contact the circle of Oswald in the selection of flowers.

1. Putting the head. We connect one 6ug and 4th 5ug.

2. To the side 5ug. attach one 4ug. close the ring.

3. Sew a 7th. Between the lower 2 5th - 2 edges, the upper 2 5th - 2 edges, one edge 4ug.

4. The scheme of assembly of the trunk downwards is shown.

4. The scheme of assembly of the trunk upwards is shown.

6. Two 8ugs, fold in half, join the open edges and tie up with single crochets.

7. Connect 4 pairs of feet 5g.

8. Putting back. Connect 8ug-6ug-8ug. Along the edges 5ug - leg, 4-re 5ug, 5ug - leg.

9. On the tummy, sew a 6th between the legs and 2 open ribs 8ug. Close in the ring lice on 5ug from the side of the neck and priests. The figure turns out equal both in front, and behind.

10. Sew on the front head 5 edges. Fill the toy with filler. Before the end of the stuffing put in the back of the torso load. I used glass balls of 6 pieces, sewn up in a pouch and set up with padding polyester, so that the toys would not break. The same balls placed in the legs, sheathed padding. The load must be added, because the center of gravity is on the head and the head of the toy outweighs. Close the hole 5ug.

It remains to sew the ears, eyes, tail. If the eyes are fixed inside, then they must be fixed to complete assembly. On the eyes are connected 2-ay 5g without a colored middle to highlight them. I added an elegant collar to the elements of the decor, which comes down with a tie on the forehead. You can knit a bun, then the elephant will become a circus altogether.

Here we are smart.

Good luck and enjoy your creativity!

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