Making Angel Wings for Toys

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Proolka, Mocher, mohair yarn, kidmocher, needle

How to make delicate angel wings?

Take a stretch of wire length 35 cm (d = 0.5 mm) and wrap the white mohair yarn in one layer, leaving each edge, about 1 cm wire. Fold the ends.

Connect the ends of the wire together and press them harder, so as not to disconnect. Bend the frame in half to measure the two halves of the wing evenly

Then bring together the place of connection of a skeleton and a place of a bend, wrap a tail of a yarn.

Bend a wave of the lower part of the wing. To accurately repeat the "wave" of the first wing, fold the wings in half and make exactly the same curves on the second winglet.

With the help of a needle and a thin thread kidmoker make veins (it is possible to take a usual sewing thread of white color)-Enter a needle in the center of Wings and further make a round around "volnyushki", then wrap a thread to the next "Volnyushki" and again to the center, so Make a few veins. In the same way on the second wing.


Enjoy your creativity!

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