Stylish Pullover Free Pattern

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Size: 38/40 (46/48 in)
You will need: 450 (550) g of yarn color mint Ambiente Lana Grossa (85% cotton, 15% cashmere, 125 m/50 g); Straight Spokes № 3.5 and № 4; Circular Spokes № 3.5.
Elastic band: Number of Loops multiple 4 + 2 + 2 chrome. Start with 1 chrome, 2 izn, * 2 persons., 2, repeat from *, 1 chrome. In the Izh. P. Loops knit on the figure.

How to knit a sweater with coconuts. Description and Diagrams.

Purl Surface: persons. P.-N. P., N. P.-Persons. P.
Openwork pattern with Coconuts A: number of loops multiple 16. Knit according to the scheme 1 A, which contains only persons. P. B. P. Hinges and Scum knit Repeat the rapport and from the 1st to the 24th p.
Openwork pattern with coconuts in: knit as openwork pattern with Kosa, only on the scheme of 1 v.

Scythe A of the initial width 10 p.: To Knit on the scheme 2 A. On which are given only persons. P. B. P. Loops knit on the figure. From 1st to 12th p. Execute 1 time, then repeat from 5th to 12th p. After the 3rd p. On the spokes will be 14 p.
Spit in the initial width of 10 p.: Knit as braid A, only under the scheme of 2 v.

The central spit of the initial width of 14 p.: Knit on the Scheme 3, which contains only persons. P. B. P. Loops Knit From 1st to 26th p. Execute 1 time, then repeat from 7th to 26th p. After the 3rd p. On the spokes will be 21 p.

Average density. Patterns: 25 p. and 28.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm: Elastic band, Spokes № 4:22.5 p. and 27.5 P. = 10 x 10 cm.
Backrest: On the spokes № 3.5 to dial 100 (128) p. and tie for the strap 8 cm elastic, while in the last p. Evenly add to the first 48 p. and the last 48 p. 2 p. = 104 (132) p. Further knit spokes № 4 and loops to distribute the trail. Image: Chrome, 2 (0) p. N. Gladi, 32 (48) p. openwork Pattern with braids A, 10 p. Spit A. 14 p. Central Spit, 10 p. Spit B, 32 (48) p. openwork Pattern with braids B, 2 (0) p. izn. Glum, Chrome. After the 3rd row on the spokes will be 119 (147) p. After 30 cm = 86 p. From the strap to close on both sides for the Armhole 1 x 2 (0) P. = 115 (147) p. through 49 cm = 140 R. (54.5 cm = 156 R.) from the bar medium 53 (63) p. To cut the neck , on 31 (42) external loops to close.
Before: Knit as a backrest, only to cut the neck to postpone through 43.5 cm = 124 p. (49 cm = 140 R.) The average 23 (33) p. and both sides to finish separately. For rounding of the neck cut close from the inner edge in each 2nd p. 1 x 4, 1 x 3, 3 x 2 and 2 x 1 p. At the height of the backrest close the remaining 31 (42) of the shoulder.
Sleeves: On the spokes № 4 dial 46 (58) p. and knit rubber, thus starting with 1 chrome., * 1 N., 2 persons., 1 N., repeat from finishing 1 chrome. For Skosov add on both sides, starting from the inlaid edge, 20 x 1 P. in each 6th p. (26 x 1 p. Alternately in each 4th and 6th p.), including the added loops in the pattern = 86 (110) p. Through 48.5 cm = 134 R. From inlaid edge all loops close.
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. For a running to translate on circular spokes postponed 76 (96) p., to dial on a curvature cut of a neck on 22 p. And on all 120 (140) p. To knit a rubber band, thus in 1-th circle. P. On the hinges of braid A and B Projazat 2 x 2 p. Vvepep on the drawing, on the hinges of the Central Spit 4 x 2 p. Together on the figure = 104 (124) p. Through 2.5 cm from the beginning of the run all loops close on the figure. Let's get the sleeves. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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