Crochet Simple Cat Under Cup

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Cotton, polyacrylic, hook, needle, sewing thread, eyes, adhesive transparent, scissors, marker

Application for decoration of clothes, bags and other things = ^-^ =


1. Yarn-YarnArt Jeans (50g/160m; cotton/polyacrylic; color 33).

2. Hook 2 mm.

3. Needle with wide ear.

4. The needle is thin.

5. Black strong thread for embroidery.

6. Eyes or beads.

7. Adhesive Transparent.

8. Scissors.

9. Marker (PIN).


VP – Air Loop.
The SBN is a non-limbless column.
PSN is a half-column with a scale.
PRSs is a single-scale column.
С2N is a column with two scale.
Pico – 3 Air loops, SS in the first aerial loop.
SS is a connecting column.
The total number of loops in a row is indicated in parentheses.
Use a marker to indicate the beginning of a series.
The size of the finished product, taking into account the materials used-6 cm 

1. Sliding loop, VP lifting, 12 PSN in the ring.

Ring to pull, SS in the first SN (12), 2 VP lifting.

2. PR in each PSN, SS (24) 2 VP Lifting.

3. (2 PSN, D)-8 times, SS (32), 2 VP lifting.

4. (PSN, OL) – 8 times, SS; The first eyelet-2 PRSs in one loop; In CL. Loop: * 2с2n, Pico, 2s2n *; 2 PRSs in one loop, SS;  Crown-6 SBN, SS; The second ear-2 PRSs in one loop; In CL. Loop: * 2с2n, Pico, 2s2n *; 2 PRSs in one loop, 2 ss. Cut the thread, leaving a small tip.  Using a needle with a wide ear, hide the thread in the product.

Glue/Sew eyes, embroider spout and antennae:

Knitted cat is ready!

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