Crochet Bag Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 3 days
Pattern or Template: Download
Materials: Yarn Jute, toffee yarn, carabines for bags, felt, wooden blanks, Hook № 4, Thread, needle, knitting yarn, beads

In this master Class I will tell you how you can make a fashionable round handbag with your hands:) The bag is connected from an interesting yarn-jute, and the main feature, "Chip" is a skeleton, thanks to which the bag is holding the shape, and the binding is perfectly smoothed and looks so exactly:)


Part 1. Materials

Yarn Jute, I have the color white (in fact, milk) will need 2 and a half Motochka.
Knitted yarn in the color of jute, 1 skeok. 
"Iris" yarn. Used to create a keychain, 3 Motochka of different colors. Also you can decorate brushes with shells, beads, beads
Crochet Hook Number 4
Wooden blanks-circles 20 cm in diameter (I have blanks for hours). To facilitate the handbag can be used carved wooden blanks, or use other material. The main thing is that it was not elastic and well kept in shape.
Felt 4 mm thick. It will be as soft podklada, color and thickness at your discretion:)
Carabines 3 pcs. I have polished bronze, but I can take gold or silver. Note When choosing the size of the carbine width of the lug, there must enter the handle of the bag.
Lightning 18 cm. The basis should preferably be in the color of the bag, the teeth and the dog ideally under the light fittings (I did not find under the bronze). On the account of lightning more advice-do not take with metal teeth (will go wave at vshivanii). I have plastic teeth.

Circles knit on a spiral, on top of a knitting yarn on a scheme which I have attached in a template to this master Class (T-yarn is laid on a spiral in a process, that it it is not necessary to knit). I want to note that I was not very evenly knit, starting with the 6-St. B. N. (On the principle of Amaguumi) by trial and error, started the circle after all with 8-St. B. N. Further on the scheme, but it turns out 8 increments in each row.

Knit to a diameter of 20 cm, try on the wooden workpiece) it is desirable that the knitted circle was a little bit more wooden. For this purpose it is possible to pass half of the final row.
Do not necessarily knit clearly following the scheme. If you feel that the circle goes wave, bring a row without increments. The main thing is that you liked the result.
Attach the marker as a guideline where a new row should start. Without it on the eye to determine when knitting in a spiral, it is very difficult. If there is no marker, you can use a regular pin.
The finished circles (2 pieces) should be turned off and steamed with an iron on the left side! Jute surprisingly malleable to a couple of stuff)) I really liked this process:)

As I wrote earlier, the knitted circle should be a little more wooden.
We make two circles of a felt, for this purpose we cut a wooden circle with a small indentation. I use a vanishing marker (sold in sewing stores). Cut the circles with scissors.
It turns out a layer of three circles. Wooden in the middle.
Sew a thread with a needle on the edge of a circle of felt and knitted. Ready!
P.S. Yes, the design will be quite dense, but the knitted circle does not bend, aligns and ideally will be fixed on the tree. As I wrote above, instead of a tree you can insert something else, fantasize:)

Part 4. Assembling the bag

The base of the bag. Knit a chain of the AP, equal to the number of bars in the last row of the circle.
We tie together with T. Yarn bars B. N.
Width is at your discretion.
Do not forget to make a hole in the middle, length 18-20 cm (equal to the length of lightning) in this place, do not touch the series, but instead make a chain of the loop. Next row will be Proyazan St. B. N. On this chain.
The resulting base is the ring to be steamed/ironed off.
Cut and sew the felt. In the place of lightning felt I do not use.
A thin hook connect a basis with circles. I introduced the hook for 3 loops, pulling out of them a buttonhole, see photo (Polopetki). Sometimes you may need to do a kill, you will understand it in the process of tying.
Combining all the parts, you get such a cool "cookie".
P.S. at Brown bags The bottom is connected by turning rows of knitted yarn + 1 thread of jute. The FETR was not used in the base.

Part 6. Knit Handle

I love bags over my shoulder, so I always knit them long. But here it is necessary to consider that the handle will enter and fasten through a carbine, and therefore to the general desirable length it is necessary to add about 5 SM on both parties of a handle. I usually have a handle length of 120 cm +/-10 cm depending on the size and model of the handbag. It should also be taken into account that the viscous under the weight of the lawsuit.
How to link
I probably will not go into details, because each master chooses the most suitable option, and write a few techniques that I tried:

Handles Tunisian knitting, as I have for a bag on MK, knitting on 4 loops.
Rotary rows of art. B. N, as in the bag on the first photo in the collage.
"Caterpillar" cord. Used this method for a bag with an openwork insert. I really like it, how to link-by name there is a bunch of videos on the Internet.
I'm sure there are many more options to choose-Decide for you:)

After having put the edge of a handle in a carbine, we tighten SM on 5 and sewing tightly with yarn or threads in a tone. The carbine can be fastened either for the handbag itself or for the half-ring as pictured in the collage above.

Part 7. Make a bright keychain-brushes

For the beige bag I made a bright keychain of brushes, for this and needed a third carbine:) For a light brown bag I also made two large brushes, but they do not unfasten.

I have a master class how to make brushes of yarn with my own hands, you can see here.

Also brushes can be made on the principle of making brushes for earrings, Master class here > >

What else can be the options of handbag decoration?
I would love to decorate her next time with tiny, knitted flowers and leaves, something like a venochka. And I really want to embroider with the Rafyøy or ribbons on the grid and then sew this beauty on the bag. Or initially knit circles in different colors, forming a pattern. You can fantasize endlessly! :)

My bags

My two handbags are already in the collages, but I suggest you look at them separately:) Here's what they did to me:

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/2932455-delaem-modnuyu-krugluyu-sumochku-svoimi-rukami?msec=24

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