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Incredibly charming children's cap in the form of a hood. It protects both the head and neck, and looks very funny.
Model Description
Recommended yarn - wool or wool, knitting needles to match - here used number 9.

On the circular needles dial 70 loops

Knit seamless in a circle

1-4 row - pearl pattern

5-8 row - black color front surface

9-20 row - red color front surface

From 21-60 knit face smooth swivel rows

Fold the top in half and sew (I simultaneously closed the loops and connected the halves)

Tie the canvas around the face with 2-3 rows of columns b / n, the resulting edging to bend out.

Dial 9 loops, knit the front satin stitch in each row tying the last 2 loops together.

Tie 4 ears - 2 red, 2 white, fold them in pairs red + white, tie them together with black yarn in b / n columns.

The resulting 2 ears sew secret stitches to the hood.

Make a tie or sew on buttons. It is better to sew the edge of the face oval with hidden stitches, along with the ears.


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