Beautiful Crochet Tablecloth

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Diameter 45 and 25 cm.

You will need: 100 g of white cotton yarn (280 m/50 g) and the Remains of silver yarn (80% viscose. 20% metal, polyester. 100 m/25 g); Hook № 1,25-1.5.

performance of work; For a napkin to tie a white thread to a chain of 6. N. and conclude it with 1 coed. Art. In a circle. Continue to knit circular rows according to the scheme, thus replacing the 1st P, each circular series on the cab. N., the number of which is indicated on the circuit, and the circular range to finish the soyed. Art. or large art. c/N. Continue in the meaning of the specified pattern (6 rapports to the 11th circular p., 72 raport to the 18th circular p., then 36 rapports). Starting from the 13th circular p. Knit specified rapport.

Decoration for the window: until the 12th circular p. Knit, as a napkin, then tie the marked on the diagram on the left circular rows 13a and 14a. Link the 14th circular R. Silver thread, while performing the marked art. b/N in a circle and enter the hook in the 13th circular p.

Spread the napkin, moisten it and let it dry. For fastening of a decoration to tie a silver thread a chain from VAD. N. Arbitrary length.

Napkin from the magazine "Diana Creative" № 11/006.

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