Amigurumi Christmas Snake

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Size: The length of the snake-40 cm, the height in the sitting position-15 cm

You will need: cotton or acrylic yarn (thickness of approximately 200-225 m/50 g,

My serpent is connected from "Children's Caprice" and remnants of Pechorka "cashmere" and "Crossbred Brazil") – 50 g of blue (basic) color, a little red, white and black for furnish of a little white buklatnoy yarn for furnish of a cap and a scarf (i-Troitskaya " Fantasia ")

Hook № 2 Spokes № 2.5

Synth wire 2 beads for eyes

Description The idea of such a snake appeared thanks to the toys sewn from the fleece of Natalia Zatynatska.


V. P. – Air Loop

SS-Connecting Column

Art. b/n – Column without a scale

UB – Ubava (2 St. b/n together)

D – Increase (2 St. b/N in one St. of the previous row)

Density of knitting, columns without a scale, a hook № 2:32 art. b/N and 36 series = 10 x 10 cm;

Persons. Surface, Spokes № 2.5:36 p. and 44 P. = 10 x 10 cm


Snake knitting on a spiral, at the end of a row of a connecting column is not present, the loops of lifting also are not present.

Blue yarn Crochet № 2 Dial 8 v. P., tie the chain in a circle, starting with the second loop from the hook:

1 row: 3 art. b/N in one loop, 5 art. b/N, 3 art. b/N in one loop, 5 art. b/N (16)

2 row: PR * 3 times, 5 art. b/N, PR * 3 times, 5 art. b/N (22)

3 Series: (article b/n, D) * 3 times, 5, (art. b/N, D) * 3 times, 5 art. b/N (28)

4 row: Art. b/N, D, art. b/N, D, 15 art. b/N, D, art. b/N, D, 6 art. b/N (32)

5 row: 2 art. b/N, D, 2 art. b/N, D, 15 art. b/N, D, 2 art. b/N, D, 7 art. b/N (36)

6 row: 3 art. b/N, D, 3 art. b/N, D, 15 art. b/N, D, 3 art. b/N, D, 8 art. b/N (40)

7-14 Series: Art. b/N (40)

Tip: In order not to lose the beginning of the series and not to suffer with the score of columns, mark the desired place "marker"-take a small segment of the thread of another color and stretch it between the last column of the previous row and the first column of the next-from this thread already It will be easy to calculate the number of related rows in future. As you crochet, pull out the "marker" and move it to a new point of reference.

15 Row: 9 art. b/N, UB, 18 art. b/N, UB, 9 art. b/N (38) Tip: To be less noticeable, use the "invisible decreases" method.

16-17 Series: Art. b/N (38)

18 Row: 9 art. b/N, UB, 17 art. b/N, UB, 8 art. b/N (36)

19-20 Series: Art. b/N (36)

21 Row: 9 art. b/N, UB, 16 art. b/N, UB, 7 art. b/N (34)

22-23 Series: Art. b/N (34)

24 Row: 9 art. b/N, UB, 15 art. b/N, UB, 6 art. b/N (32)

25-28 Series: Art. b/N (32)

29 Row: (6 St. b/N, UB) * 4 times (28)

30 Row: (5 St. b/N, UB) * 4 times (24)

31 Series: (4 St. b/N, UB) * 4 times (20), stuffing the synth

32 Series: (3 St. b/N, UB) * 4 times (16)

33 Series: (2 St. b/N, UB) * 4 times (12),

Fill the synthesizer to the end

34 Series: (UB) * 6 times (6), bind, cut off the thread is more authentic, with the help of her sewing eyes-beads, Protaskivaem thread through the head and put it in the lower part of the head, closer to the nape, making a small duckling for the eyes, so they are a little drowned Inside the head.

A black thread embroider a mouth and nostrils.

The nostrils are also bind to make a slightly convex spout.


Blue yarn Crochet № 2 Dial 2 v. P., in the second loop from the hook Knitting 6 art. b/N

1 row: PR * 6 times (12)

2-7 Series: Art. b/N (12)

8 row: Ave, 11 art. b/N (13)

Then knit in the same way, making one increment in each 10th row (use "marker").

When you have 18 art. b/N, insert the inside of the tail wire, whip the synth.

For safety of a wire it is better to wrap a synth and to fix a thread (how to do it, look in the Mk Snake from Natalia Grhinina).
Further knitting with a wire, we fill in a synth on a course of knitting.

The additions are finished on 20 art. b/N, then knit without increments to the desired length of the snake (I-40 cm),

The last four rows knit as follows:

8 cc, 12 art. b/N (thus form the neck).

The thread is cut off, the body is filled to the end with a synth and nailed to the head, while the longer part of the neck is attached closer to the nape.


The brown yarn of white color on the spokes № 2.5 is typed 26 p., knitting gum 1 x 1 (1 persons., 1 N.) 1.5 cm.

We attach the red thread and knit the facial smoothness, making one ubavke at the beginning and at the end of the series in each 4th row.

When the spokes remain 4 p.,-we have three more rows and close.

Sew, make a pomponchik and sew to a cap.


The white-coloured beads on the spokes № 2.5 are typed 8 p., knit with elastic band 1 x 1 (1 persons, 1 N.) 1.5 cm.

Attach the red thread and continue to knit a rubber band 1 x 1 to the desired length of the scarf, finish with the Buclean yarn, as 1.5 cm.

I have a scarf in length of 22 cm.

Gift Bag

Yarn of red color on the spokes № 2.5 dial 50 p. and knit 7 rows of facial smoothness (1st row-seamy). We turn to knitting jacquard on the scheme, entering the work thread white.

Source : http://knitting-for-babies.ru/igrushki/novogodnij-zmej-s-meshochkom-dlya-podarka

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