Crochet Doll Free Pattern

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Crochet Doll 
Handles rides) 
1) 5sbn in Ka 
2-9) 5s6n 
Change the thread to red 
1 0) behind the back wall of the 5SBN loop 
Thread cut off, leave tail for sewing 
Connect the thread and tie the front wall of the 9th row (2VP, Ssr5raz 
Feet. Body, head 
Start Red 
Dial 5VP, start knit with the 2nd hinge of the hook 
1) Laci, Laci z The last loop, on the second side of the 2SBN, arr (10) 
2) Laci, Zprib, Laci, arr (14) 
3) behind the back wall of the loop 14SBN 
4) Laci, 4u6. Laci (10) 
5) 2SBN, tooth. 2SBN (7) 
b) behind the back wall of the hinge 7SBN 
Change the thread to bodily 
7-13) 7s6n 
Thread cut off, 
For the front wall of the 6th row to bind (2VP, SS times 
Connecting two legs, 
Attach the red thread to the second leg. Preta 2VP. Attach Second 
Leg, then knit in a circle 
14) 7SBN on the first leg, 2SBN on the EAP, 7SBN on the jutoroj leg. 2SBN on the EAP ' 8) 
15) 1 PRs, tribes. 1 OSBN. Laci (22) 
15) 22SBN 
17) (1 PRS, arr) • Twice, 12SBN, IB, Sbnr2raza. 2s6n (26) 4- 
18) 1 PRS, 2ub. 2s6n. UB, BSBN. UB, 2s6n. 2u6. Laci (20) 
) 20SBN 
Behind the back wall of the loop 20SBN 
b 4raza (16) 
22) 16SBN 
23) Laci, Knit 5SBN on the first hand, 8SBN. Snap 5SBN by second 
Hand. 5SBN (26) 
24) (1 SBY, (18) 
Change the thread to bodily 
25) behind the back wall of the Loop Oak (9) 

Doll Sequel 
For the last wall tie the collar: 
We start in the middle and Vjadem 2VP, PRSs, 
Further on 2SSN in each loop, in the last 
1cch. 2vpss 
26) (1 (b) 
27) BSBN 
28) Bprib (12) 
29) 12prib (24) 
30) (Laci, (30) 
31) (2SBN, arr, 2sbnr6raz (36) 
32) ZBSB * 
33) (5SBN, (42) 
3441) 42 PRS 
42) (5SBN, (36) 
43) (4SBN, UB) ' Brazil (30) 
44) (3SBN, UB) ' Brazil (24) 
45) (2SBN, (1 D) 
46) (1 (12) 
47) Bub 
Cut the thread, hide the tail. 
About Chka 
Knit for the front wall of the 20th row 
1) rssn, arr end of row 
2) (ZSSN, arr of the end of the row 
Blue or Blue 
1) bsbn in Ka 
2) Barib (12) 
h) (1 PRS, (18) 
4) (2SBN, (24) 
Next Knit Curls 
5) (ZOVP from the second loop zrazes 
6) 40VP from the second SS loop. 38 s6n 
7) 15VP from the second loop 14s6n 
b) 1 SGP with the second loop 12s6n 
e) (Fiberboard, with the second loop SS, 7SBN) • times 
10) Ohr from the second loop 5SBN 
11) SGP from the second loop 
12) with the second loop 14SBN 
13) 40vp from the second loop SS, 38 PRS 
I usually sew curls, but it is possible to stick. 
Assembly and Design 
1) Formalize the face 
2) Sew The Hair 
h) Decorate on request 
All lie 
h) behind the back wall of the hinge (4SSN, arr PRSs) • 
DoA...:. S- 
End of series 
Behind the front wall of the loop in it white 
(SGP "SS) • To the end of the series 
(5SBN, end of series 
Back wall Hinge Knit PRS 
JJ Wall of a hinge knit (2VP. ss) 

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