Amigurumi Doll Dress Tutorial

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Doll Outfit 32 cm

The Tunica
I knitted spokes № 2.5 and 3 but according to the description must № 3 and 3.5. So, for the front of the Spokes № 3 dial 22 loops and knit rubber 1 x 1 1 cm. Go to the spokes 3.5 and knit facial smoothness, alternating colors, projazhuvyh two rows of each color, and reduce in each 12 row 2 times 1 loop From each edge-18 loops.
After 11.5 cm (I knitted 10cm) close to the Armhole 1 time on 2 loops-14 loops.
After 15.5 cm (I have 13) for the front neck to close the middle 4 loops, then in each second row 2 times 1 petle. At the height of 16 (I have where-14) close to the shoulder of 4 loops.
The backrest is similar, only at a height of about 7 cm I made a cut, those both sides of the knitting separately. And for cutting the neck closed 1 time to 4 loops at an altitude of approximately 13.5 cm and and closed the shoulder loops in the trail. Front row.
Dial on the spokes № 3 22 loops and knit 1cm elastic band 1х1. Continue with the spokes 3.5. After one inch close the hinges. (I was tying the sleeve directly from the canvas)
Assembling the shoulder seams, sew the sleeves, stitch the side seams together with the sleeve.

On Spokes № 3 to collect 14 loops and to knit a Platelkoj 6 sm. Further in each 2 row to reduce from two parties on 1 loop 5 times when there will be 4 loops, to make a buttonhole-Projazat 2 together, Nakad. Close loops in a trace. To sew a handbag on edges, to sew The strap is knitted with air loops.

For a backrest to dial on spokes 3.5 28 loops, to knit 5 sm a platelkoj. For a armhole to close 1 times on 3 loops. Through 8 SM for a cut of a neck to close the central 8 loops. After 9 SM to close on 7 loops of a shoulder.
For the half of the front of the 16 loops and knit a platelkoj 5cm, close to the armhole 3 loops-13 loops.
After 7 SM for a neck to close in each 2 row 2 times on 2 and 2 times on 1 loop.
After 9 cm close the 7 loops of the shoulder. In the second shelf is knit symmetrically. For buttons to knit 2 loops on the right shelf in the course of knitting.
On knitting needles 3.5 to dial 20 loops and to knit a Platelkoj 7-8 sm, to close loops. The assembly is similar to a tunic.
On edge of a neck to dial 23 loops and to Knit 4 sm a platelkoj. Close loops. Sew buttons.


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