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These delicious strawberries are crocheted.
Further detailed description of knitting with a photo.
To work we need threads of 2 colors

white and red (for berries are often immature from the bottom).
Berry. We start knitting from the bottom.
4 loops looped into a ring
1 p. Max number of items b / n in the ring
2p increase the number of columns to 10-12 pieces
3 p to 14 pieces (i.e. +2)
4 p + 2 = 16 more

Knitting rows 6-7, change the thread. I do not bind it, but lay under the w / n white, while the main thread, then just turn to red, laying under the posts now white thread.

After 1.5-2 cm cut the white thread. I continue to knit with red thread.

The shape and size of the berries may be different and it is not necessary to count each bar at all - it is more important to enjoy the process! My berry max number in the row turned out 25.
Do not forget that the front side of the berry is inside! And before reducing the number of columns, turn it out.

To avoid holes with a decrease in the number of columns, I do this:
I grab the loop for the column b / n, but do not knit it! I pick up the next loop for the next stb / n: there are 3 loops on the hook - now I knit all 3 loops in one fell swoop!

In the first row I close this way, every 3rd loop (* here it’s time to fill the berry with a padding polyester), in the next row every second loop, then after one and all the remaining ones.

Berry itself is ready.
It now remains to tint it.

You can decorate the berry beads.
This can be done in the process of knitting, after having threaded a few beads on the red thread. And you can after. I like the second method more, because Sewing beads to a berry, I pierce it with a thread in different directions, thereby giving the berry the necessary shape.
Recruiting a chain of vozd. loops (you can always cut off the excess)

1 p. 3 air lift loop, 11 st s / n in the last loop of the chain = 12

2 p. See diagram.

To get a beautiful face on top, pass the "tail" through the hole in the center of the sepal.

It remains to sew the sepal to the berry.

Leaflet. Fit according to the scheme.

These berries are connected by Polina F at Osinka. Thanks to her for the description and the scheme!
They adorn a charming hat.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/rybuhina/post165343260/

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