Easy Tutorial Amigurumi Lamb

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Prepare the sledge in summer... On this basis, I started the preparation, waiting for the new year.

So, let's start: 

we need-fluffy yarn on a fur coat and a cap, a smooth yarn on face and legs, a filler, a hook, spokes, eyes, ribbons, a bell.

First we knit a square of fluffy yarn, it will be a calf.

Then, having collected this square on an edge, fill, we receive a ball-trunk, a tail-it is 10 air loops fastened by a buttonhole.

We begin to knit face, the beginning-the loop of Amaguumi and 6 is in it.

Tighten and lock the ring

1 row knit of 1 SBN-2 SBN.

Further on the standard scheme of expansion knitting circle, constantly trying on the torso, determine the size of the muzzle, I have this:

Then on a spiral knitting as though a sack, face, also try.

Having finished with a muzzle, a fluffy yarn knitting a cap, on equal distance projazhivyi ears-10 air loops to fasten a buttonhole.

Before you finish, fill, close the nape.

Having defined the obverse part with needles, we mark a spout, eyes.

The spout is embroidered, the place for eyes is slightly dragged.

Sew Eyes, Embroider.

This lamb was planned for me as a pendant, so my legs did it.

We put our head to the torso, decorate.

If the lamb is planned standing, then knit 4 legs, start as a face, with the loop Amaguumi, in it 6 SBN, 2row-12SBN, 3 row-18 SBN, further on the spiral to the height, as you need, again try on the torso.

Well that's something like that... Thank you very much!!!

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