Amigurumi Tiny SOCKS

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We crochet cute tiny socks for dolls or New Year's souvenirs, key chains, Christmas tree decorations.
For work we need:
Iris yarn of different colors, to your taste
hook number 1
The pattern is very simple.
So, we choose yarn and begin to knit with a sliding knot and a chain of two VP (air loops).
1 row 6 RLS (single crochet) to the second from the VP hook [6]
2 row 6 R (increase) [12]
3 row 1 R, 1 RLS [18]
4 - 10 row 18 RLS [18]
We begin to knit the heel
11 row 13 RLS, we knit 1 PP (lifting loop) and turn the knitting [13]
12 row 13 RLS, from the inside, in the opposite direction, 1 PP, turn the work [13]
13 row 13 RLS, 1 PP, rotation [13]
14 row 13 RLS, 1 PP, turn [13]
15 row 3 RLS, 1 regular Y (decrease), decrease with knitting 3 stitches together, 1 regular Y, 3 RLS, PP, turn [9]
16 row 1 RLS, 1 regular Y, decrease with knitting 3 loops together, 1 ordinary Y, PP, turn [5]
17 row we knit the remaining 5 loops together, we introduce a hook into each of the remaining 5 loops, grab the thread and pull the loop, at the end you should get 6 loops on the hook along with the working one.
We knit all 6 stitches in 1 step. Cut and fasten the thread. [1]
We begin to knit the top of the sock,
18 row. After we finished knitting the heel, we should have got a track that lacks elastic to become a full toe.
We fasten the thread anywhere on the unfinished edge and begin to knit ordinary crochets in a circle.
There should be 17 of them, but it’s okay if there are a little more or less of them. [17]
19 - 22 row 17 RLS [17]
At the end, we cut off and fasten the thread, the sock is ready.
You can decorate the sock with a bow, ribbon, beads, sew on a button.

Each sock consists of 4 parts:
from the 1st to the 3rd row - the toe of the sock, where the toes are usually located :)
from the 4th to the 10th row - the main part, between the toe and the heel
from 11th to the 1st 17 row - heel
from 18 to 22 - the top of the sock, on ordinary socks it is an elastic band.
Combining the colors and sizes of the strips, you can knit a huge number of bright socks.
Such socks are a wonderful souvenir that will appeal to anyone, especially now, when there is winter in the yard and I want more warmth and bright colors.

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