Amigurumi Knitted Horses

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We will need:

Yarn of different colors (I knitted all their microfiber from Magic and Adelia) 

Hook (# 2.5) 

Beads for eyes  


Needle with a large eyelet for stitching parts 


Knit top-down 

1) Dial a chain of 8 vp 

2) 6 bundles, 3 bundles of the last section of the chain, 5 bundles, etc. (16) 

3) Pr, 5 bundles, 3 pr, 5 bundles, 2 pr. (22) 

4) 10 bundles, pr - 2 times ( 24) 

5-8) unchanged 

9) 11 sbn, pr - 2 times (26) 

10-12) unchanged 

13) 12 sbn, pr - 2 times (28) 

14-17) unchanged 

Color change

18) 13 sat , pr - 2 times (30) 

19) 14 sbn, pr - 2 times (32) 

20) 15 sbn, pr - 2 times (34) 

21) unchanged (this series can be tied with another color) 

22) 15 sbn, killed - 2 times (32) 

23) 14 Sbn, kill - 2 times (30)

24) 13 sc, ub - 2 times (28) 

25) K, 8 sc, K 3, 8 sc, UB 2, pp 

reserve thread for stitching holes.

Ears (knitted in the same loop)

For most edge of the right to attach the crown side and tie thread eyelet follows: sc, CLO, SS2N, SS3N 5 ce ss. 

The left ear fits in a mirror order: 5 inc. CC3H, CC2N, CCH, BsN, ss 

Cut the thread is not very short and hide inside. Twist the part and tie the ends of the threads, so surely))) 

Now you can put a filler and sew a hole. 

IMPORTANT! After sewing / stitching parts of the thread do not cut, and bring them in the place where there will be a tail.


Bangs is tied to the four loops between the ears. We start on the right. Attach the thread, dial 13 vp make ss in the same loop. Now take the next loop, a chain of 13 points. and cc in the same p. Repeat two more times. 

The mane can be done in two ways. 

First: to engage as the bangs of the 

Second: Tie separately. Dial a chain of 26 VP, make ss from the 14th n. Of the hook, sbn to the next. p., dial 13 vp, ss in the same p., sbn in the next. p, again dial 13 vp, ss in the same p., etc.

Spread loops from vp as shown in the photo 

Sew on the body, pull the end of the thread for the tail.


1) Dial a chain of 4 vp 

2) 2 Ubn, 3 Ubn to the last item of the chain, Ubn, Ave. (8) 

Pr, Ubn, 3 Ave, Ubn, 2 Ave. (14) 

3) No change 

A small digression on the topic "thread change" 

If you want To make the next loop in a row of a different color, then you need to tie a thread of this color into the previous loop. See photo. 

4) 4 CCH with one vertex (nostril), 4 sbn (I knit these loops with another color - a strip in the middle of the nose. We do not break the main color thread!), 4CCH with one vertex, 8 sbn 

5) Sbn, 4 sbn (with stripes ), 9 sat 

6) Also 

7) sat, 4 sat (strip color), 3 sat, ss. Now the thread of the primary color can be cut, leaving an end for sewing.

And we continue to knit the strip further, knitting 4 rows.

Feet Handles 

(although the horses have no hands. only the front and rear legs) 

1) 6 cords in the ring amigurumi, 2–7 

) 6 rows unchanged 

The first two rows are knitted with the color of the hooves, the other rows with the color of the body. The filler is not needed. 

Sew the nose (put some filler in it) and legs to the body. All threads do not forget to display in the tail. Tie a knot from the tail closer to the body. Crop it to need length. 

Sewing eyes. The area around the peephole can be tinted with pastel (or eye shadow)))))) Embroider a white horse smile with white threads. Black thread embroidery edge.

How to make a bow on the plug
You will need a small piece of satin ribbon

 I wish you a pleasant preparation for the new year!

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