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You will need:
yarn "Olga" (50% wool, 50%
acrylic, 392 m / 100 g) - the remains of beige 1
colors, yarn "Iris" (100% cotton)
- the remnants of white and crimson flowers,
knitting needles number 1,5, hook number 1, 5, sintepon.
Facial smoothness: faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out.
the ranks are different. loops.
Head: thread on beads with beige thread
12 points, knit people. smooth 8 rows, evenly
adding in each person. series of 5 p.
Next, knit 8 rows straight, then 8 more rows,
evenly subtracting in each row 5
Close the hinges. Stitch, stuffing
detail synthepon.
Nose: dial on spokes with a beige thread of 5 p.
knit 5 rows of faces. smooth. Close the hinges.
Sew the part around the edges and tighten. Sew
nose to head.
Hands: with beige thread, put on needles 10
etc., knit people. smooth 6 rows. Then change
thread on white (in three additions) and
knit another 30 rows of faces. smoothness, while
in the first row, evenly add 4 points, and
in the last row, evenly reduce 4 p.
Spray a beige string of 6 rows of faces.
smooth and close the hinges. Stitch, stuff
Sarafan: a crimson thread in three pieces
type on spokes 16 p., knit 4 rows of faces.
loops. Next, knit the faces. 18 rows of smooth,
evenly adding in each 4-th row
on 4 items Then tie another 4 rows of faces. loops
and close all the hinges. Carry out the seam,
fill it with sintepon. For straps of a sarafan
dial 12 pt and knit 2 rows of faces.
loops. Sew the straps to the sarafan. For
crochet the bottom with a crimson thread
in three additions a circle of the corresponding diameter,
sew it to the sundress.
Boots: each shoe consists of two
details. With a white thread in three rows, type
crochet 7 air. 1st row - crochet around the chain st. b / n, tying in the first and
last loops of 3 tbsp. 2nd row - knit,
as the 1st row. The second part connect in a similar way,
but tie another 2 rows of bars
b / n straight (only 4 rows). Connect both parts
1 near the station. b / n. Fill with a sintepon.
Handkerchief: a crimson thread in three pieces
on the spokes, dial 3 pt, knit the faces. smooth,
adding at the beginning of each row 1 p.
When you get 39 pips on the knitting needles, knit
4 rows of faces. loops and close all the hinges.
Assembly: sew to the sarafan head, hands and
boots. On your head, sew hair of avoidable
threads, pile or embroider eyes and
mouth. Tie and fasten the handkerchief.

You will need: yarn "Olga" (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 392 m / 100 g) - residues beige, yarn "Travka" (100% polyester) - residues brown and light brown colors, spokes number 2, hook number 2, beads, sintepon. Facial smoothness: faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out. the ranks are different. loop and. Hind legs: knit from below upwards. Beast thread on the needles 15 p. , knit people. 7 rows, adding in each person. from both sides to 1 etc., and from the middle loop, Next, knit with brown yarn "Travka" 6 more rows of faces. smoothly straight. Then from both sides to add. knitting needles Use 10 pcs and knit only medium 7 p. , tying at the end of each row the last loop along with the first loop on additional. spoke. When on dop. knitting needles will remain on 5 p., fasten on all hinges 2 rows of faces. smooth. Then in each lits. row in the middle of knitting evenly add 3 p. - 5 times . After that close the loop. Stitch, stuff with integuo m. Torso: with a brown thread, those 10 items, knit lits. I add, adding each person. evenly with respect to 6 n. - 7 time. Next, knit 20 sts with a brown thread, 12 p. Light brown thread and 20 P . brown thread. In this light Work the work piece as follows: in each person. row with both sides 1 st in brown - 4 times = 16 p. Brown, 20 p. Light- coronary and 16 n. brown thread. Next, knit 18 rows straight. Then in brown parts evenly lower by 6 p. , while in the light section in each persons. row down on both sides 5 times x 1 P . Spray straight 18 rows. Further, all the loops knit with a brown thread, decreasing in each person. a number of 3 times 2 n. Close loops. Complete the seam by stuffing the part with synthepon . Front paws: dial 25 on spokes etc., knit people. smooth 40 rows. Hinges close. Stitch, fill with sintepon. Head: start knitting with face. Beige thread on the spokes, dial 15 p. knit people. 24 rows, while first two persons. series evenly add 1 time x 15 p. and 1 time x 7 p. In the 25th series uniformly 18 p. 27th row - evenly add 10 p. 29-32nd rows - knit directly. 33rd row - change thread on the brown and knit, subtracting every third loop. 35th row - knit directly. 37-57th series - knit persons. smooth, diminishing in each person. series of uniformly with respect to 5 n. Close the hinges. Perform seam . Ears: Each ear has two parts. Hook the beige thread, type 3 air. P . , close the ring. 1st row - to the center rings, tie in 7 tbsp. b / n. 2-3 rd series - knit Art. b / n in a circle, evenly adding for 7 tbsp. Link the second item similarly, but with a brown thread. Connect both parts 1 next st. b / n. Assembly: sew your ears to your head, embroider black thread nose and mouth. Sew eye- beads. Tie your head to the body and paws.
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