Pencils Amigurumi Free Pattern

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- Kirovsky Iris + 1mm hook 
Beige and gray (primary colors), any other (optional) 
- black pencil pencil lacquer - 
cardboard, scissors 
- 1cm 
bell - second glue Superpoint yellow - 
for eyes: pompons 9mm and 6mm + half beads 
3-6mm - ribbons, bows, pompons of other colors 

Beige (main color) 
2p- prib (12) 
3p- (1, prib) (18) 
4p- (2, prib) (24) 
5p- (3, prib) (30) 
Additional color: blue or pink ... 
6p-dl / st-straight (30 ) 
7p — straight (30) 
Cut a circle out of cardboard and stick it in the bottom inside 
Gray (main color) 
8.9p-straight (30) 
Additional color: blue or pink ... 
10-20p-straight (30) 
21p-9, arm, 12, hand, 9 (30) 

17v.p., into the second one from the hook and further: 5cc, insert the hook into the tip + into the chain of air loops and knit together to form a “loop” at the end of the hand (see photo), link 22-30 p 
- strand along the chain ( 30) 
Beige main 
31r-dl / st-straight (30) 
32r- (3, slab) (24) 
33r- (2, slab) (18) 
34r-straight (18) 
Additional color: blue or pink ... 
35r- straight (18) 
36r- (1, ub) (12) 
37,38r-straight (12) 
Sticking pompons and half beads, we do tinting with a pencil + it is better to cover the edges and mouth with varnish. 

Hand position and decoration can be any. Hands attach any position soaking them with droplets of glue, hold tight.

The red pencil was made first and slightly different 


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