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Knitted toy brontosauri, which easily turns into a dragon - the work of Irina Zorina. Irina lives with her family in Izhevsk. She has three children - two students and a ninth-grade son. Two years ago, Irina became interested in knitting toys. This work is a description from a Japanese magazine. Irina will show how you can turn this Brontosaurus into a dragon on the threshold of the year of the dragon !
I want to remind you that all the work sent to the site until the end of August participate in the knitting contest "The best work of the month ". Do not forget to rate and vote for your favorite work.
Brontosauri - Amigurumi

Materials and tools: 

Primary and auxiliary color threads (not necessary!) 

White and black - for eyes 

Hook - suitable for the thickness of threads 

Stuffing - sintepon, holofiber, etc. 


sn - air loop 

sc - column without nakida 

PRSPs - polustolbik with nakida 

CLO - column with nakida 

Arr - growth - 2sbn of 1sbn previous row 

cuttable - ubavka - 2 sc knit together 

ss - polustolbik or a connecting column 

lush column - 3 Partial column double crochet knit in one step.

Head and neck (one detail)

1р– in the ring of amigurumi 8sbn 

2r - (1sbn, 1prib) 4raza = 12 

3r - (1sbn, 1prib) 6 times = 18 

4p - (2sbn, 1prib) 6 times = 24 

5-7r - 24sbn 

8p - 22sbn, 1ubav = 23 

9r - 21sbn, 1ubav = 22 

10r - 20sbn, 1ubav = 21 

11r - 19sbn, 1ubav = 20 

12r - 18sbn, 1ubav = 19 

13r - 17sbn, 1ubav = 18 

14r - 16sbn, 1ubav = 17 

15r - 15sbn, 1ubav = 16 

16r - 14sbn , 1ubav = 15 

17r - 13sbn, 1ubav = 14 

18 - 30r - 14sbn Cut the 

thread, leaving the tail for sewing. Fill the part with gasket.


Set 10 points. 

1p - (starting from the second loop from the hook and forth) 8b, in the last loop 2, turn and knit on the opposite side, 7b, 1b, 1b in the first loop = 22 

2p - (1, 1b, 2b, psn, 1b, 1b , 1br, 2 devices pssn, 1sbn, 1prib) 2 times = 36 

3-8r - 36sbn 

9r - (7sbn, 1kubav) 4 times = 32 

10r - (6sbn, 1ubav) 4raz = 28 

11r - (5sbn, 1kubav) 4raz = 24 

12p - (4sbn, 1ubav) 4 times = 20 

13p - (3sbn, 1ubav) 4 times = 16 

14r - (2sbn, 1ubav) 4 times = 12 

Fill with gasket, join the edges of the part flat and fasten 6sbn, grabbing the loops of both halves.


1p - in a ring amigurumi 4sbn 

2p - 3sbn, 1prib = 5 

3p - 4sbn, 1prib = 6 

4p - 5sbn, 1prib = 7 

5p - 6sbn, 1prib = 8 

6p - 7sbn, 1prib = 9 

7p - 8sbn, 1prib = 10 

8p - 9sbn, 1prib = 11 

9p - 10sbn, 1prib = 12 

10p - 11sbn, 1prib = 13 

11p - 12sbn, 1prib = 14 

12p - 13sbn, 1prib = 15 

13p - 14sbn, 1prib = 16 

14p - 15sbn, 1prib = 17 

15r - 16sbn , 1prib = 18 

16r - 17sbn, 1prib = 19 

17r - 18sbn, 1prib = 20 

18r - 20sbn Cut the 

thread, leaving the tail for sewing. Fill the part with gasket.

Legs (4pcs) - the sole can be tied in another color

1p - in a ring amigurumi 8sbn 

2p - 8prib = 16 

3p - (1sbn, 1prib) 8raz = 24 

4-5r - 24sbn 

MY - 4p - (1sbn, 1vp, 1pyshny column of the same column, 1vp, 1sbn) 3 times, 18sbn 

5p - 24b, when knitting fingers (= lush columns) move back without knitting.

6p - (4sbn, 1kuba) 4raz = 20 

7r - (3sbn, 1kuba) 4raz = 16 

8r - (2sbn, 1kubav) 4raz = 12 

9 - 14r - 12sbn Cut the 

thread, leaving the tail for sewing. Fill the part with gasket.  

You can put mugs in the legs - feet, but it stands and so!

Eyes = eyelids + protein + pupil

Eyelid (2pcs)

1p - 4vp, in the first loop 8cn, turn, knit in the opposite direction 

2p - 1vp, (1prib, 1b) 4 times = 12 Cut the 

thread, leaving the tail for sewing.

Protein (2pcs) - white

1p - in the ring of amigurumi 6sbn 

2p - (1sbn, 1prib) 3 times = 9 

3-4r - 9sbn. 

1cc - cut the thread, leaving the tail for sewing.

Pupil (2pcs) - black

In the ring amigurumi 6sbn, 1cc - cut the thread, leaving the tail for sewing.  

Assembly - according to the picture. In the neck, you can insert a wire. For me, the wire goes through the whole body from head to tail. Inserted after filling the body.

Add a brontosaurus wings and teeth on the back and you get a real knitted dragon!

Description of the wings :

Dragon wings are made of 6 identical parts: each wing - 3 parts. 

Here is their description: 

1p - 7vp, the second loop from the hook is 1sbn, then 4sbn to each loop, 4sbn to the last loop of the chain, turn knitting and knit on the reverse side of the 5sbn chain. 

2p - knit in the opposite direction - 1vp, 5b, 4 tricks, 5b. 

3p - knit in the opposite direction - 1vp, 5b, (1b, 1prib) - 4 times, 5b.

Cut the thread, leaving the tail for sewing. 

Having tied 3 parts, the thread is not broken, but we begin to tie in the opposite direction. After knitting on the first part, we attach the second part, tying only 12sbn tops. Then we attach the third part, also from the top and to the side - 17sbn. We cut the thread, leaving the tail for sewing on the body. 

It turned out the wing with cuts. We sew them or we tie them together connecting parts. 

The second wing knit the same!

Comb on the back: 

Gather a chain in the required length - we put a drakoshka on the back and see if it fits or not. Next, 3br in the third loop from the hook, 1vp, 3br in the same loop of the chain, 1bn through 1vp from the base of the first clove. And so on until the end of the chain. 

Wings and comb sew back. Dragon is ready!

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