How to Make Crochet Bag

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SIZE:   30 cm (width) x 36 cm (height)

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED:  yarn (44% cotton, 36% polyacryl, 20% polyamide, 90 m / 50 g) - 250 g green; hook number 3,5; circular needles number 4; 2 stocking knitting needles №3,5; black belt for bags.


CT. B / N.

Circular rows. Each circular series begin with 1 stp. and finish 1 connection. Art. in the 1 st century. b / n. 

In 1 tbsp. b / n of the previous round row perform 2 tbsp. b / n.

Circular rows (the number of loops is a multiple of 30) = knit acc. scheme. Odd circular circles are given on it. In even-numbered circular rows, loops are bound according to pattern or acc. instructions, nakidy - facial. Constantly repeat the rapport and 1-28th circular series. 

DENSITY OF VENTING:  20 lb. = 10 cm, is associated with Art. b / n; 

20 p. X 31 r.r. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by a structural pattern.

For the bottom of the bag, fold the loop out of the thread and, for the 1st circular row, make 6 sts. b / n. 
Then knit art. b / n in circular rows, with 6 rounds added in each round row as follows: in the 2nd round row double each loop, in the 3rd round row double each 2nd loop, in the 4th round row double every 3rd loop, etc. 
Continue the work in the same way, while in each circular row, always fasten between double loops by 1 pt more than in the previous circular row. Through 20 circular rows in the last circular row, 120 st. b / n. Then finish the job. 
For a bag of bags from each art. b / n dial on the circular knitting needles for 1 st and at all 120 sts knit the structural pattern in circular rows. 
For the kuliska, after 31.5 cm = 98 circular rows from the beginning of the knitting of the bag, perform the 29th circle of the circuit once 1 time, tie one round row with the front ones, then perform the 17-28th circular rows once more. After 36 cm = 112 circular rows from the beginning of the knitting of the bag, close all the hinges, both facial.


For tying, typing 2 hosiery needles 4 sts and tie 1 row with facial; * then move the hinges back to the beginning of the knitting needle, while tightening the thread on the wrong side of the work and re-tying the 4 face, from * constantly repeating. After 110 cm from the initial row, close all the loops. Mark the side edges. String to enter through the lapels of the openwork series, starting and ending in the middle of the front side. 
The strap for the bag is sewn on the outside with matching threads to the top edge of the bag at the side edges. 

Photo: magazine  "Sabrina" №6 / 2018

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