Knit owls on the tree

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Difficulty: medium
Work time: 1 hour
Materials:  knitting yarn , hook , needle , semi-beads , ball
For this you will need:

hook better smaller (№1-1,5);
the needle is large;
beads for the eyes;
New Year's plastic ball.
In order for the ball to be round, we break off all the protruding parts from it (we cut off the holder for the cord on the Christmas tree with a nipper)

We begin to knit in a circle in simple columns. It is necessary to knit more firmly so that the ball does not shine through the threads. To do this, we took a smaller hook. When tying the ball, we first gradually add loops, then decrease them. I do it "by eye", constantly trying on a binding on the ball.

When the ball is tied all over, a small hole should be carefully sewed up with a needle and imperceptibly fasten the thread.

So I tied a few balls.

Now we knit the eyes and wings. 4 white air loops are knitted and tied with 12 crochets, cut into 20 cm and sewn to the ball with the same thread.

Wings - 2 parts, take a contrasting string of any color according to your desire. 3 air loops. In the first loop we knit 2 double crochets, climb to the second row, 3 air loops, 4 double crochets, lift 3 amp, 5 sn, lift 3 amp, 6 sec n We cut the thread at a distance of 25 cm, sew the wings with this thread.

For the ears, we fold the two colors of the thread 3 times 10 cm each and use the hook to thread them in places where there should be ears. Cut the brush at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from the ball.

Glue the half beads on the eyes or sew black beads.

Sovushka ready!

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