Doll Hood - cake amigurumi

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VP - SSN air loop - SCN crochet - SC crochet P - Y increase - SS decrease - connecting column Knitting cap - pyrozhenka 4 VP knit into the ring In the middle of the ring we knit 11 SSN (all we knit a cap for CCH) Increase in each loop (1, P) * 11 times (2, P) * 11 times (3, P) * 11 times Now we will knit 2 EP lifting, 3 CCH in one loop for the upper part of the loop, then SS in the next loop, 2 VP lift, 3SSN in the next loop, SS in the next loop, etc.
Thus, they tied the entire hat. We change the thread and we knit 2 rows for the lower part of the loop without increases and decreases.
We tie the hat with a crochet.

Cherries Scheme
6 sc in ring amigurumi
Increment in each loop
2 loop number to the loop

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